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wanting to get a few new T's any ideas

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Ben Oliver, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Ben Oliver

    Ben Oliver Arachnopeon

    i would like to get a few new T's in the next few weeks, i just don't know what i would want. The spiders I have now are 2 G. pulchripes, avic avic, G. rosea, H. lividum. i would like to get some large species like a L.p. or poci.
  2. My LP is awesome. Molted from 2.5 to 4 inches lately. Get one! I recommend buying from MattybofMD and hellion299. Both are incredible sellers with great specimens.
  3. voodoo chile

    voodoo chile Arachnopeon

    I love my avic avic
  4. annabelle

    annabelle Arachnosquire

    Get a g. pulchra! They are the cutest! :cute:
  5. ranchulas

    ranchulas Arachnobaron

    P. regalis all the way!
  6. GBBs are awesome webbers, great eaters, and have fantastic colors. G pulchra are as cute as can be and generally pretty docile. That solid black looks like velvet! There are some really nice Brachypelma too; you might want to check some of them out.
  7. pavel

    pavel Arachnobaron

    *sigh* You might want to reread what the OP said. S/he already has those and is looking for something big and different. *sigh*

    Do you have a price range you must stay within? If price isn't an issue, how about P. metallica?
  8. Ben Oliver

    Ben Oliver Arachnopeon

    p. matellica cool T's i guess its not out of the question.... i don't want one i would like to get at least 6 to 8. so if you can come up with a few that would be great
  9. Amoeba

    Amoeba Arachnolord

    Nhandu chromatus or Acanthoscurria geniculata
  10. angrychair

    angrychair Arachnosquire

    I just got a P. regalis and a L. parahybana !
  11. I swear I thought he said he had a G. pulchripes not a G. pulchra ;)

    I would recommend a Lasoidra parahybana or Acanthoscurria geniculata. If you want an arboreal - try L. violaceopes - its like an arboreal H. lividum!
  12. skar

    skar Arachnobaron

    You still didn't get something yet Ben ?
    I even got a Poec now . .
  13. boxofsorrows

    boxofsorrows Arachnopeon

    I'll throw another vote for Acanthoscurria geniculata, lovely looking T and a brilliant feeder, bit of a pain for throwing up clouds of UT hair's though but that's a small price for how good they look.

    You're saying you'd like a few rather than a single - I know they're don't meet the "larger" size criteria, but there' no OBT in your list I notice... go on, you know you want to, everyone should have one at some point :D

    I'd certainly add a pokie to your list, since picking up my P.regalis I'm really fancying another pokie next time I'm putting an order in.
  14. TGod

    TGod Arachnopeon

    I agree with annabelle, get a pulchra. They look so cool, there docile and they get pretty big. Plus they have an awsome black colour. If u get one i will be way jelous.
  15. I would go with GBB, L. parahybana, or P. ornata/P. regalis. That's my wishlist anyway!
  16. Get a P. metallica, P. mirina or B. smithi maybe Pamphobetus anitious. I have all of these and they're fantastic!
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