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VIPets, West Michigan


Old Timer
Oct 1, 2009
There are several locations of VIPets. The only two I am basing this review on are the Grand Rapids/Plianfield, and the Cutlerville/Division locations as those are the only ones I've been too.

The staff are friendly, the animals are well-cared for, and the prices are pretty decent. The staff seem pretty knowledgeable about inverts, or at least the "bug people" do--not all of the staff are bug people, but they have, on every occasionan, deferred to the bug people. Some of the staff know me since I go there so often. When I saw LPS, I mean VIPets. Both locations are on the way home from work for me. I usually stop by once a week to see the driftwood/cork bark they have in stock, since they order it irreguarly.

The Plainfield location currently sells B.dubia.

Some of the reptiles are housed communally, as in multiple-species, which I understand is frowned on, but they are generally healthy looking and alert so I guess they are doing something right. I don't do herps anymore. *shrug*