vigo is unhappy, help the newb again


Mar 14, 2003
today i put some crickets in vigos aquarium, and instead of ripping them apart with vicious glee, instead he huddled in a corner looking very sad. when the crickets would approach him he would huddle further up.

i collected all the crickets out of his cage because he seemed to be scared of them. he seems ok now, but he hasn't eaten in 1 week, 2 days now... i am worried about him.

could someone shed a little light on this perhaps, and tell me why he's acting so strange?

Code Monkey

Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
He's not hungry, it's that simple.

I'm don't recall seeing what kind of T you've got, but suffice it to say that a sling has enough reserves to go a couple of months, and adult T has enough reserves to go as much as a few years if necessary without eating.

Nine days is nothing. I've got an A. anax that thinks it's just starting to warm up for the year that hasn't eaten in almost 5 months and is still *fat*.

At any rate, a T might refuse food because it's getting ready to moult, or it might even be full. If it's getting ready to moult, it may fast for as long as a few months (or maybe even just a few days, you never know), shed, wait a week or two, then be ravenous.

Newbies tend to be confused because a T fresh from the petstore probably isn't really fattened up and will eat every day or two. However, once a T is fattened up, there is no reason to expect it will eat except every couple of weeks and, as stated, maybe not even that often.

Repeat my mantra: if the abdomen is reasonably plump and it's not dramatically shrinking there is absolutely nothing wrong with a T that will not eat.