Vibrations and my tarantulas.


Old Timer
May 8, 2010
I am currently finishing up my animal shed rebuild. It will house my fish, herps, and inverts.
It is 10' x 12'. The upper area is a loft, with a hatch to acess it. Shelving will be along each long side.
I was going to use a linear piston pump for a central system to run the filters and air stones. There will also be a few power filters, and a canister or two used for various tanks. These will be running 24/7, and a bathroom ventilation fan on occasion.

My question is where to place, and how to dampen vibrations from, the air pump so as not to bother T's and scorps. I plan on placing the pump in the farthest end of the room, either on the floor, or in the loft. I was thinking of building a box or platform for the pump. I was going to use the Sims Limbsavers (used to reduce vibration in archery) as feet to further isolate the whole unit.®-Sims-ULTRA-Saver-Solid/dp/B000ZB94CY

Does this sound OK? Any other suggestions to keep from stressing the animals? Everything else I have read was more about music. Sound should not be an issue, but the vibration concerns me. I could not find anyone with my problem.