very nice mama!


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Jan 5, 2005
i have some malaysian heterometrus sp.(females) for sometime now,so 1 of them had babies 33,or so i thought,so i seperated the 33 babies fed them and sold them(too many to keep) to a friend, anyway i was feeding all of my inverts. that takes forever{D and what do i see? the mother was holding 2 crickets in each of her claws and 2 babies(that i didn't see in there:wall: though i got them all out) were feasting on each cricket that she was holding,it was very interesting to see that,she was eating 1 aswell,she doesn't bother the babies at all.they hang out w/her,so i'm gonna just keep em w/her for now,they darkening up too.ive raised baby emps w/moms and never had any problems they grew up w/mom,so i'm thinking heterometrus are good parents too. well see:) just wanted to share.


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Jul 1, 2007
Nice surprise:D

I too have a Het mom. Her scorplings are now 4I. Last night I put a huge locust in the tank, the mom ran up to it, gave it a good sting then dragged it back to the burrow entrance, she dissapeared into the burrow, then all the slings came out and ate the whole lot in a couple of minutes. Amazing to see them all siting down to supper that Mom prepared.