Vertical Chilean Copper, Paraphysa scrofa


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Dec 8, 2006
I own a nice P. scrofa, also called a Chilean copper. I've raised it since it was 1/4". It's leg span is about the size of a silver dollar, so it's not big. I have it in simple, clear plastic container, basic coco bedding. The substrate is very smooth, no chunks.

For months it was always on the floor of the container. However, for the past year it's been primarily on the sides of the container. I should note it's never gone without food, and when I drop in a cricket or two, it comes down to hunt.

This "vertical" behavior started shortly after it webbed the entire floor of the container, dense silk too, and after it webbed the walls of the container (VERY faint, you can't even see the silk on the walls of the container w/out proper lighting).

It's healthy, not a problem.

However, I can't figure out why the change in behavior? Also, I should not, it isn't constantly walking on the walls either. Just hanging out.

I've never owned a terrestrial species that remained vertical for so long.

Any ideas? Thanks !


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Jan 30, 2010
I have what i believe to be a 4" Paraphysa parvula that has a similar behavior. I was reading a caresheet on them (there isnt alot of info on them) that said females live at the base of trees and the MMs are known to reside in the trees. It was a thread here on AB. Ill try to search for it.

I had lots of fake plant decor in my cage and it was always climbing it and perching on top. It almost never comes down. I rehoused her tonight into a 2" tall (large fruit container) enclosure and she isnt taking too well to it. The sub has always been bone dry too. Kind of weird behavior huh? :? But they know better than us. :p I think i might have to change her setup back to arboreal.

I also noticed mine has a golden carapace and legs. Ive seen P. parvula for sale on kens site but it had a dark carapace and legs. I dont think that is a P. parvula he has on his site.