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Versicolor acting strange...or not. Video incl.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Tokendog, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    My Versicolor was relocated today to a better enclosure. It had been in the same setup previously minus the fake plant leaf and the previous one had air holes that were way too big. In the old enclosure it had webbed the entire top of the thing like it was supposed to and liked to rest in its webbing.

    This enclosure features the leaf and smaller holes.

    Anyways, after being transferred, the Versi whom my wife named Skittles, just sat in one spot for about 4 hours. Then it started to roam around and has not stopped since. It has been pacing around and around and around its little enclosure non-stop for the last 30 minutes. It does not appear to be laying down webbing.

    Here's a video - sorry its dark but it was taken with a still camera and the lightning in the room is dim - but you should be able to see the black movement of the spider as it makes it rounds.


    Maybe its searching for food or is something else going on?
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008
  2. Um normal behavior i think. its a new setup so its probly investigating somewhat. Give it a little and see what happens
  3. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    Yeah. I'm hoping thats what it is but its still pacing - its just going around and around and around. Its great to see it moving so much but I've never seen a T move THIS much. Its movements are not irregular or any thing but it hasn't settled down in the last hour. I am just wondering if its searching for some thing or irritated about some thing.
  4. PsychoSpider

    PsychoSpider Arachnoknight

    give it overnight and give us updates in the morning.
  5. I had a versi sling that did this as well. And an A. avic. I wouldn't worry too much. Mine eventually settled down and webbed themselves up.
  6. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    I'll give it some time but the poor little fella is still pacing. Its very strange because she doesn't seem bothered, upset, annoyed, or even hurt - she looks like she's strolling but I don't think even I have ever taken a stroll that last that long. =P

    She was not doing it in the previous enclosure - is it possible I have too much substrate? Or might the fake plant be bothering her?

    Hmmmmmm very very odd!
  7. robc

    robc Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    If he is a MM he could be searching for a mate or it is a new enclosure and is just finding his bondaries....mine did the same....rob
  8. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    nah, its a 1" sling. Can't sex it yet. It is a new enclosure. How long did yours explore?

    Btw, I have my 1" GBB in a container about 2" in diameter. Should I move him to some thing bigger or is that suitable for now?


    I am thinking it might be because the substrate is so close to the top. Its an arboreal so it might be thinking : I should be able to climb higher than this...and not realizing it can't.
    The other enclosure I had barely ANY substrate in it and it webbed the top within an hour or two.
  9. robc

    robc Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Mine did this for a day, she is 4 1/2"
  10. Travis K

    Travis K TravIsGinger Old Timer

    LOL, it's searching for its web-home. It will give up and build a new one soon.
  11. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    Is that really what its doing? I thought it might be. It looks like its going crazy trying to find it. I feel bad but yeah, thats what it looks like its doing...searching and searching and searching...

    Poor little kid is thinking, "I know I built that thing right over here.....where did my home go??? maybe its over here..."

    Now my wife is calling me a meanie. LOL =p
  12. last week i have mine about the same size was relocated and it was passing for till i went to bed not as fast but slow and steady and it made a web in 3 days it does not do anything know lol
  13. Tokendog

    Tokendog Arachnosquire

    She did as you guys said. She gave up looking for her web home and built herself a new one. Now she's resting in the corner on her hammock and seems happy. She searched for her previous home for about 3 to 4 hours total before giving up.
  14. Elaine

    Elaine Arachnosquire

    Avics do seem to suffer a bit more stress after rehousing especially as they get bigger. I have an adult here that didnt web for 5 month. She finally started webbing last week and has now moulted.

    All my Avic's have 1-2 inches of substrate in the bottom with loads of height for climbing and webbing.

    Hopefully yours will settle down soon.
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