VenezuelanSuntiger Male, can anyone help?


Nov 6, 2010

I'm slightly new at tarantula collecting. I bought a VST five months ago, I inquired about his behavior and was told he has matured, needs to mate, and will die in a month or so. It was recommended that I breed him, but I have no idea what to do. Should I send him to someone to breed him, I mean he's a great looking guy. More to the point, I'm sad that he is just waiting to die and is going to be gone soon, I know it's sounds crazy but I like him and I'm truly sad that he has little life left. Does anyone have any information or ides of what to do? I'm unsure how to proceed. Thanks.


Old Timer
Aug 1, 2009
If you are certain that he is a MM & you want some of his babies.. You can loan him out.. Im sure there are others that might be interested in him..

Warren comes to mind right now!

If you dont want some of his babies.. Sell or trade him..

If he is indeed a MM.. He might not live long at all.. Depending on when he actually matured.. If it was recently.. You could have a little more time with him.. If you dont know when he matured.. Then there is no telling when he might actually die.. (Sorry if that sounds harsh!)

Best of luck to you! :)