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Valencia pet


Old Timer
Mar 3, 2006
Valencia pet is located off copperhill dr in Valencia, ca....

they have a great selection of common herps but totally over priced though......everything is marked up 3x regular retail price.....an obvious reason why is that employees are paid by commission....examples a G. rosea 70.00 plus the aboreal set-up they had it in 139.00 not including tax..and no this is not a type-o........also their knowledge of animals they sell is almost nonexistent...when asked what a Giant red rump was they had no idea..i suggested it was a B. vagans(which it was)..they said no, it was a giant t????? no name given...ummmm at 130.00 something shouldn't you know???no answer and customer service...again not a shop worth going to if you care about what you are getting...i wished they could of gotten a better review since it was a clean shop but again that's all it had going for it, it was clean.......