USB Microscopes (with pics)


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Sep 2, 2020
Does anybody here use these?

I really wanted some better footage of my tiny worlds so to that end I got one of those USB microscopes. They're supposed to be able to plug into your phone, but that doesn't work with mine so thankfully they also plug into the laptop and my terrariums are all in my office.

The one I got isn't bad, but I find myself wishing I'd gone up another price tier because there's just some features I feel the lack of. I'd like to take video as well as still images, and I wish it was easier to adjust the focus on the fly (you kinda need both hands to do it properly because the dial is too stiff to manipulate with just your thumb). It really only works to its full potential when perfectly still, which is fine with inert objects but very much a disadvantage for trying to capture images of inverts.

I'm thinking I'd like to get a better one at some point. Have any of you used these? Are there brands you recommend, things I should steer clear of? Is there a better option for getting digital pictures and video of inverts? Thanks in advance. Here are the best shots I've taken with the current model (which gives you an idea of the quality of it in general for the purpose). One is a close up of some moss and the other two are pictures of my little jumper, Spinderella, before and after her molt.

Snapshot@2020_0826_200931.jpg Snapshot@2020_0827_095743.jpg Snapshot@2020_0918_103000.jpg


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Jul 19, 2020
I use the macro lense out of the CoPedvic lense kit for smart phones. I have a Motorola G7, so my phone camera is mediocre at best, but this lense really helps me take some great photos.

The kit comes with a wide angle, fish eye, and telephoto, but I don't use these. The clip and tripod they give you are crap and broke soon after I bought them, but I just use rubber bands to secure the lense in front of my camera.

It works best in good lighting, and the quality really decreases in poor lighting conditions. A steady hand is needed as well; for every clear photo, I had 10 or so blurry photos.

You also have to get within inches of your subject to take clear photos.

IMG_20200422_230745998.jpg IMG_20200424_170925247.jpg IMG_20200729_003855567.jpg IMG_20200721_165224071.jpg IMG_20200625_144551139.jpg IMG_20200528_143814903.jpg


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Mar 11, 2020
I was thinking of getting a lens for my phone myself. I have an iphone 7 so it is not the latest/greatest but it still works so I do not really want to upgrade for a camera and buying a good camera alone is kinda pricey. I am not really a photographer either.