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urticating hairs-reaction times

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by jlynn859, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    I am new to this hobby. My daughter and I have a b. Emilia and a Davus pent. I have read different posts on here about reactions to getting hair kicked at you. But I was wondering what your reaction time was? The Emilia has been sweet since we got it about two months ago. Until the cat decided to knock her critter carrier down in the middle of the night one night, about 4 feet down. Ever since she has been nasty. And the carrier popped opened that night with substrate all over the floor and cat chasing the t. Needless to say I would assume hairs went everywhere that night and I had to hurry and vacuum up the substrate and get her back once the carrier. I didn’t have a reaction then. But I had to change her water bowl and moved her hide and of course she kicked hairs at me twice. I did hold my breath and put the lid back on. So I was wondering what your reaction time was. And of course I did this in the kitchen so then had to wipe everything and vacuum really good the counters and stuff. Sorry for such a long post. I have read other ones just couldn’t find one where people stated how long it took to have a reaction.
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  2. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Reaction times vary from none to days. Such info has zero bearing on your body.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if urticating setae blow right through a vac making things worse.

    Don’t get hem in your eye, may lead to blindness:
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  3. I'd really move the ts to where the cat can't do that again asap. Before the cat gets a mouthful of urticating hairs. They're apparently far worse for smaller animals to deal with.

    I had no reaction to any species's hair until I got my B. Hamorii yesterday. One of them is a big kicker and it really sucked. My hands felt like they were full of thorns almost instantly and I broke out in a seriously nasty rash. But I understood that this could happen and knew what it was. Your cat doesn't have the same luxury.
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  4. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    Thanks. Have you ever gotten them in your nose or throat?
  5. Oh God no. But I don't try biting or sniffing my ts. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a cat.
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  6. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    I know I did move it to another room where I could shut the door. She was after the crickets then when it landed on the floor the T then got her attention. When your Hamorii kicked hairs yesterday how did you not inhale any? I did have on gloves on earlier when it happen so I’m not itchy. Just worried about any hairs I still may have accidentally inhaled afterwards when i stopped holding my breath. May sound silly but...

    Lmao I would hope you don’t.
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  7. You'd like feel it by now. I try to keep my face away and keep the lid handy as a shield. After that rash, though, I'm probably going to go all out with gloves, a surgical facemask, and a long sleeved turtleneck when I have to open up their homes.
  8. If you're keeping the T at an arm length you should be fine breathing when they kick hairs it's like a cloud they surround themselves with its not like bullets being shot at you, you're hands and maybe arm will get affected everyone has different reactions and there are also different types of urticating hairs so that would vary the reactions too. A few of my spiders kick hairs all the time but it's only my L. Parahybana that has any affect on me so far. Also the more you are exposed to them the worse it gets some. People have had to give up all there new worlds because of this
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  9. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    I was kind of thinking that as well. It’s been a good 4 hours now. And something as nasal and throat I figured I would feel something irritating by now especially since I’m allergic to Other animals and that reaction comes on quickly. Thanks for the reply’s y’all have been very nice. She does have a bald spot now from that first incident and it has gotten dark as the weeks have went by from what I’ve been reading she should be getting ready to molt.
  10. Sounds like it post some pics and I'm sure people would happily tell you if it's premolt
  11. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    Here is one pic. Hopefully y’all can see it good. She has a nice shiny black spot now. It was flesh color.

    Oh one of the videos I watched the guys tarantulas kicked hairs and they seemed to be in the air from what he said. I didn’t know they surround themselves with a cloud so to speak.

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  12. Yes that looks like heavy premolt shouldn't be too long now. If you ha e a fan blowing In the general direction that could blow the hairs up and into the room but In generaln these are lucky to reach a foot in distance
  13. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    I just read something about a fan too. We have a fan in the room so now I will move them to a different spot. I do have to vacuum everyday because we have a cat and dog both of which I’m allergic to, that may pick up some hairs but will definitely move them. Is it ok that she isn’t hiding for her molt? Or do they not all hide? We just got the Davus pent this past week. She is about two years and they said she should be getting ready to molt again and I have noticed she has started to barricade herself in her hide.

    Oh I will say I don’t see any webbing on the ground for when it flips over surely it’s there and I can’t see it right? With the d. Pent there is webbing everywhere
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  14. The fan will only affect it if you have the enclosure open, the fan is blowing in the direction and The T kicks up a cloud of hair. You shouldn't have a fan blowing near an open enclosure also as it could startle a T and you could even end up being tagged. A T will molt wherever it feels comfortable enough doing so I e had Ts molt in the open in the middle of there enclosure and Ive had Ts block there hide to molt and Arboreal Ts will also molt in there web tunnels
  15. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    Oh ok lol my mistake. I thought you meant just a fan blowing in the direction of the enclosures period. No the enclosure are closed and the fan is about 5ft away and it blows into the room not pointed at the T’s as they are on the “side” of the where the fan blows.

    Oh ok. Good to know. Hopefully she has an easy smooth molt.
  16. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Hate to inform you, allergic to one animal doesn’t mean your allergic to another.
  17. Paul1126

    Paul1126 Arachnodemon

    2 years into keeping tarantulas and I still haven't had any reaction to hairs.
    I'm almost disappointed
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  18. jlynn859

    jlynn859 Arachnopeon

    Lol I don’t think I would be disappointed.

    And yes I know that being allergic to one doesn’t make me allergic to another.
  19. The only T i get any reaction from is my LP weird
  20. PrimalxTyrantula

    PrimalxTyrantula Arachnosquire

    Get an obt that'll teach that cat to stay away. One tag... No more kitty.. I hate cats...
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