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Update to Forum Rules 02-07-04 - Please Read

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Jul 22, 2002
Hi all, with a change in moderation of the review forums comes a change in format. These new changes build on the original rules posted by Scott. They are intended to make the review information more organized and clear to the readers so follow them. What has been accepted before will very often not be accepted now.

Please review the updated rules here.

The biggest and most significant change is that the format that Scott loosely outlined originally but never enforced has been further codified and will be enforced. It's not hard to follow: a rating, what the deal was, what was good, what wasn't so good, and a brief conclusion. It's not a joke, starting with all online dealer reviews posted on or after 09-01-03, this format must be followed and failure to do so will at the very least result in your review's deletion and may eventually result in you losing your privileges to post here indefinitely if you continue to ignore the format.

For reviews to be useful, they need details and that is what we are going to expect from now on. The 'thumbs up' or 'smiley' icon followed by "Dealer Foo is so awesome, he sent my spiders and I love them! I'll be ordering from him again!!!" is not going to cut it any more. If you care enough to say something about a given transaction, say it well.

CM, Reviews Forums Moderator
When Arachnopets originally decided that we were going to have a standard reviews format we took the nice road of attempting to contact the person first and then spending as long as a week or more on trying to get the poster to fix things themselves. As of February 2004, this is stopping. As the only dedicated moderator for the reviews forums I simply do not have the time to be following up on the many inappropriate reviews that appear here. I am going through all of the post September 01, 2003 reviews and will either be making the changes myself if it's something simple, or deleting the review without notifying the posters before hand.

Please take the time to read the individual forum rules before posting.

Thanks, CM
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