Update on injured PZB and it's healthy sister


Old Timer
Aug 16, 2002
Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that the injured PZB seems to be slipping back despite the antibiotic and antifungal treatments and despite the fact that she has eaten 4 pinkies. She has become very "spastic" - staggers and has trouble walking and is acting as if she is very weak. I had hoped to save her since I still haven't heard from the vender but I'm beginning to think the worst. I only gave her one application of antifungal and no antibiotic since last night because the wound has hardened over and the smell was gone so I don't think she could be having a reaction to the meds.
As for the 2nd, healthy PZB I recieved with her - if I didn't know better I would say she wasn't a PZB. She is not acting at all like I have read and been told she would act. I thought at first it might be because she was so hungry - but now, the 5th day I've had her, she is up to having eaten 4 pinkies, 3 large crickets and a large roach so I don't think she is hungry anymore :} What she is doing is this - VERY skittish and aggressive. I have to take care when I remove the lid from her shoebox home (I quaranteen all newbies that are WC this way at first) because she will try to bolt or even attack. If I touch her she whirls about and attacks - she actually almost got a fang in me and they are very large fangs to be sure since she is a very large spider. Has anyone else every had a PZB like this? Is there a chance she is some new, undescribed monster species that looks like a PZB that the collectors thought was a PZB? I'm really at a loss about this, especially after all the glowing testimonials as to their gentleness.