Update! (2 new T's and some sad news)


Formerly 'ARN30'
Aug 24, 2019
Hi! It's been a while since I was ever on the Arachnoboards. Last time, it was August 2019 and I was inquiring about the E. Walckenaeri. The good news is that in September 2019 I did end up getting her/him! While I don't have the pictures of her when she was little since they're on my old phone, I can assure you she has grown so much! (If I ever get my phone back I'll upload some pictures)

Since then, I've actually gotten 3 new Ts (Actual Tarantulas and not a True Spider).
The first little guy I got was a C. Elegans who unfortunately passed as a little sling during a molt. I'm pretty sure of the cause for his unfortunate passing and I've been sure to correct this issue with my next two little guys!

In February 2020, I went to an expo and got two slings, my T. albopilosum and my C. Cyaneopubescens. I can't wait for these guys to grow up and they've both been eating just fine. Both have already had one successful molt and seem to be doing alright! I'll be sure to post more on them soon.
By now, I've got a marked regular schedule for both water and food (since they're all still pretty small), if the food is refused then I usually remove it and wait around another week or so before trying again.

Just wanted to share my experience here!