Unhappy Scorpions?

Josh McClellan

Jun 15, 2016
Hi Community,

Have a Longimanus in a 10 gal that's been trying to scale the walls off and on all night. Temp at night hangs in mid 70's with 60% humidity . Sometimes a little higher or lower. Is this normal to an extent or is it a definite sign of distress? I see a mite or 2 every now and then but that's it.

Plot twist. She shares a tank with a P.Cavimanus. I got them both at a Pet Depot store that apparently describes all dark scorpions as "Asian Forest". I keep them well fed and admittedly have been abvised multiple times to separate them. Though by the time I learned this, they've been living together for a month. Have danced at least twice and almost always choose to share the same hide, no matter how many I they have to choose from.

Despite the Peaceful interactions, is it possible that Longimanus is pissed about sharing a living space with a red claw and is thus stressed? I have a rockdivider in the middle of the tank to make them feel like they have their own space but once of them always scales it and burrows or gets in the cork hide with the other. Would breaking them up do more harm than good? I don't know if they feel separation anxiety or not. The answer that sounds the least pleasant is breaking them up, so it's probably the right choice but wanted to humbly ask for opinions one more time. For bonus gratitude, what's up with different species going for the dance?

Edit: I've seen a few questions here about mixing species and wanted to share an observation for those who are considering. I have never seen them fight. They even rest on top of each other, despite the amount of space that is available. Then again, maybe they're just extra docile due to the pet store making a giant colony live in a tiny plastic box with no substrate. Could be used to it??
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Old Timer
Nov 25, 2011
Scorpions like to explore so that may be what your H. longimanus is doing. I would separate them just to reduce any possible extra stress.