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Aug 15, 2002
The primary purpose of Arachnoboards is to foster communication among arachnid lovers of all ages and backgrounds. As such, we would like to keep this site relatively "family friendly." Towards such an end, we have established a set of guidelines regarding what is acceptable and what is not.

Unacceptable language
Acceptable language is a very hard line to draw in the sand. Please appreciate that editing EVERY post with questionable language would require the Arachnoboards Team to spend a lot of time scrutinizing...which we're doing anyway, but why make our job harder? Please help us out by avoiding the use of the roughest 4-letter words (you know what they are), and any expletives containing explicit references to bodily equipment or functions. Asterisks, abbreviations, acronyms or symbols ARE NOT an acceptable way of circumventing this rule. We all know what you're trying to say, and it will be treated as such. Linking to it elsewhere, uploading, attaching and/or embedding an image or a video, is also NOT an acceptable way of circumventing this rule. A general guideline is that if it can't be said on Daytime Network TV, then it can't be said here. Posts will be edited at the discretion of Arachnoboards Team, should they see any language they deem over the line. Please don't be a baby and complain about it publicly, use PM or email... in fact, don't complain at all, as it is VERY unlikely that you will get the mod to change his/her mind.

Unacceptable material
The following is prohibited:

  • Overt and/or gross sexual depictions and/or humor *If you have a link to share, do it in a PM or email
  • Overt and/or gross depictions of violence. *If you have a link to share, do it in a PM or email
  • Pictures containing nudity or partial nudity. *If you have a link to share, do it in a PM or email
  • Erotic stories or text. *If you have a link to share, do it in a PM or email
  • Discussion of explicitly sexual topics. *If you have a link to share, do it in a PM or email
  • The promotion or discussion of illegal activities, including (but not limited to) the act of smuggling and the use, sale, or distribution of illegal substances.

We remind you that there are plenty of sites for this sort of thing elsewhere on the internet. There is no conceivable reason that any of this ought to be posted on a forum for arachnid lovers. If you have any questions regarding whether or not something is appropriate, please PM or email it directly to one of the Arachnoboards Team before posting it. Following are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable statements to get you started.

  • What do you think about abstinence-only sex education?
  • Joe had to take a urine test at work.
  • When I was younger I experimented.
  • Ecstasy is one of today’s more commonly used illegal substances.
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Smuggling animals into/out of Australia is illegal; why is this?
  • I have a club on my car -- is that going to help?

Not Allowed
  • My favourite sexual position is ...
  • Joe has to take a urine test, does anyone have any of the clean variety to sell?
  • I plan on getting high tonight, and tomorrow, and perhaps for 14 consecutive nights.
  • I sold some idiot kids some ecstasy and one of them got busted.
  • I’ve got grass for sale… more expensive than you’re used to, but its blue.
  • Anyone know how I can smuggle this scorpion out of Australia?
  • What is the best way of punching the locks on old-model Fords?
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