Uhoh. What will happen?


Old Timer
Dec 13, 2006
From my roach colony, I try to pick immature but large roaches for feeders. I don't have excess mature males yet, so that's my next best choice.

I dropped one in to L. parahybana's tank this morning. It was immediately leaped upon and snatched up. I noticed a bunch of white gunk coming out of the end of the roach furthest from the T's mouth. I though it ruptured and guts were spilling out, but a few minutes later when I checked, the white stuff turned out to be tiny baby roaches. Lots of them. I tried to move the T (it tried to scare me) - and then to scoop them up with a spoon, but they were all stuck in the webbing and I couldn't get them without a major disruption of the environment. I came back to the room an hour or so later and they were all gone.

Did they burrow? Were they eaten? Will they come back out of the dirt at some point?


Old Timer
Oct 10, 2006
I'm pretty sure they were eaten. Since they had not hatched yet, It's not likely that they would survive and burrow to emmerge later if they were force out of the mother early.