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Ugly tarantulas?

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by lilmoonrabbit, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. calum

    calum Arachnoprince


    I think T's that are all sorta plain aren't very desirable, but I don't really mind what A T looks like as long as it's a good keep.
  2. Exo

    Exo Arachnoprince

    I meant the normal brown form of P.cancerides. :rolleyes:
  3. LOL! I just had a funny thought..

    I really hope Pedigree dog breeders do NOT get into tarantula selective breeding. We would have curly hairs dragging long flowing, abdominal hair or others with 8 short, stalky legs. :wicked:
  4. moose35

    moose35 Arachnoprince Old Timer

    heh pamphos ugly?? pink?


  5. Falk

    Falk Arachnodemon

    I vote for P. murinus as the ugliest theraposidae
  6. i just dont find any harmony in the colours and the patterns. i prefer fewer number of patterns if a T has that much vivid colours.

    but i must admit the P. nigricolor pictures you linked pushed me towards changing my mind :?
  7. plunge

    plunge Arachnosquire

    oh ur full of it warren :D
    i can link a thread where u were very impressed with my xenthisis
  8. micheldied

    micheldied Arachnoprince

    i have a preference for hairy tarantulas.
    and BIG ones.
    so...basically those that dont catch my eye are near hairless tarantulas or small ones.
    i only like T blondi because of size.
    but then i discovered L parahybana....{D
  9. BCscorp

    BCscorp Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I vote this thread as ugly
  10. Warren Bautista

    Warren Bautista Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I lied to you.
  11. jbm150

    jbm150 Arachnoprince

    I know people love their horned baboons but I just can't get past that thing sticking outta them. I think the Ts are awesome looking and seem be have neat behaviors but that horn just doesn't do it for me ;)
  12. equuskat

    equuskat Arachnoprince

    I'm with you there. I think that the horned baboons are hideous. lol
  13. Jackuul

    Jackuul Arachnoknight

    The only ugly T is a dead T to me. I.E. I don't like seeing them, even the mature males in which it is enevitable, die.

    As for my favorite, I like the all-black pulchra, and the "false" rose that is all brown. I like solid colors.
  14. Warren Bautista

    Warren Bautista Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Dey UGWY!

    I tink ine just gun sell mah big regalis cuz she 2 dang ugly.

    Almost as ugly as my grammar! :)
  15. JC

    JC Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I think you need to check yourself into a mental institution.

    And then into a grammar school after that.
  16. JimM

    JimM Arachnoangel Old Timer

    No kidding.

    The only pokie that comes close to ugly is metallica. :eek:
    Nah, it's nice enough, but I just don't see the big deal with that thing. Yeah, it's blue...hardly unique. It lacks the contrasting leg and abdomen patterns of ornata and subfusca, and ranks maybe 5th or 6th in Pokie world for me.

    I'll pass unless someone gives me one down the road.
  17. BCscorp

    BCscorp Arachnoprince Old Timer

    ^obviously doesnt own one.
    this thread is lame, like listening to old ladies hum n haw about what blouse to wear on sunday
  18. plunge

    plunge Arachnosquire

    umm yeah.....BS
  19. LOL, arachne-owned!

    I think P. metallica are pretty, just not pretty enough for me to be spending hundreds of dollars on them.. never want to spend that kind of money on something that can up and die..
  20. dalitan

    dalitan Arachnoknight

    i like rosie when it comes to docility and color.....i just dont like its behavior being called as "Pet Rock"...:)
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