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Typhochlaena seladonia

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Kodi, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    (I didn't take this photo, but I have permission.)

    This is a 2nd-3rd instar sling at 0.5". Call me crazy or stupid, but I invested in one of the little things because it's always been my dream T and I find it truly unique to be one of the first few people in the US to care for, and possibly breed, the species.

    I was hoping maybe everyone could help with care and share your opinions. ;)They're found in Bahia, Brazil and while I have researched climate and what not it varies quite a lot depending on the region in Bahia. I haven't found any information on where in Bahia they're found. How would you guys keep the species?
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
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  2. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    Was off to bed, but couldn't resist posting.
    You do seem to have quite an expensive taste in T's! :D And how did you get it? I thought they were only available in Poland...for E500..
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  3. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    Hahaha I confess I enjoy the stunning species which most often are the most expensive. A seller here on the forum is importing a few from Poland.
  4. Bugmom

    Bugmom Arachnolord

    Uh-huh and uh, where is mine? I would like some now kthnx :D



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  5. Sarkhan42

    Sarkhan42 Arachnodemon

    I. Am. So. Jealous. By far, my most wanted species, even the slings are breathtaking!
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  6. AphonopelmaTX

    AphonopelmaTX Moderator Staff Member

    You may want to start with the natural history notes in the following paper...

    Almeida-Silva, Lina M., et al. "Redescription and notes on the natural history of the arboreal tarantula Iridopelma seladonium (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Aviculariinae)." Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 25.4 (2008): 728-736.

    Also, the most recent issue of ARACHNE published by Deutsche Arachnologische Gesellschaft (http://www.dearge.de/) has a very extensive field report with pictures of this species in its natural habitat. The publication is in German, but maybe someone in the know can say whether or not there will be an English version published somewhere at some point.

    What is really neat about this species is that they build a hinged door on their retreat in the trees. Something akin to an arboreal trapdoor!
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  7. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    I skimmed that article before and skipped right over where they talk about locality. That's helpful, thanks! I've searched and searched, but I can't find an online version of that magazine anywhere or else I would have it translated. I bet it has some great info.

    Also, it really concerns me that the female and sling that they had both died because of a failed molt.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
  8. Angel Minkov

    Angel Minkov Arachnobaron

    Contact the people the seller is importing from for care tips. I know who brought these guys into the hobby, but I won't be posting names on this topic. You can PM me and I can give you references which can help you with care info, which you can in turn post here if you see fit.
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  9. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    Your inbox is full. I would appreciate any info! Pm me.
  10. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    More research turned up this nice little summary of the naming and redescription of the species along with a map of where they're found. Click.
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  11. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    A Dutch breeder mentioned the difficulty of raising and keeping of them as well, and that there is no definite conclusion as to why. Congrats on the new pretty babies,
    I really hope you succeed in raising them,it would be awesome to have these in the hobby!
  12. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    Do you have the source or maybe a name? I'd like to read into that. I'm only getting one but among the few in the US that are getting them that is definitely the plan!
  13. Andrea82

    Andrea82 Arachnoemperor Active Member

    It wasn't an informational post, but a comment to someone else's post regarding the price and novelty, so I sadly have no more info, sorry.
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  14. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    The specimen shown there is not 0.5", but 0.5 cm. Never seen an Imperial ruler divided into 1/10th, they are done by 1/16th.

    Good luck keeping it alive, with so little captive husbandry info it may not be easy, but I hope you're successful. You should have bought 2 or 3 in this case.

    And from Poland, well that speaks volumes of its "legality" oh boy.:rolleyes:
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  15. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Indeed, I'd love to see that in action too, esp for an arboreal.
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  16. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    That measuring tape is in centimeters. How is that half of a centimeter?
    Haha I definitely don't have the money to buy three. Two others in the United States will have a few though. Nothing I or the importer is doing is illegal so I'm content.
  17. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I can only "wonder" why you won't hahahah
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  18. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I know it's centimeters, I only use metric when I build things hahah. I hate our units here.

    Oh, it's half a centimeter, because you wrote 0.5". I'll let you worry about the math :p:D:wacky:

    Coming from Poland, that's all I need to know. Mind you it's not a guarantee, but it's a pretty safe bet that not everything was done legally. Everyone knows Poland is a major source of illegally obtained Ts be it through brown boxing or other methods. It's been talked about on the boards before, it's no secret.
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  19. Kodi

    Kodi Title Master

    Hey I never spoke for the legality of the actions of the Polish that obtained the species. Just the importer and I.
  20. viper69

    viper69 ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I can't speak for you or the importer. I only mentioned the Poles. The Poles are more than willing to send illegally to the USA, that too is not a secret, and has been posted on the forum before.
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