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Two Stores in Michigan


May 28, 2007
Pet Station had 6 tarantulas shoved in an aquarium in seperathe housing that i hadnt ever seen ..because i dont usually look inside of aquariums for sale..none of which were cared for at all. I ended up bring home the avicularai avicularia that the guy said was not a pink toe because they dont import or breed tarantulas anymore.HA! They also had a sunburst baboon and a cobalt blue, rose hair, and chaco golden knee...none of which they had any info on. Thank god for the internet! There tarantulas are not cared for, fed, and the staff has no idea on what they are. :evil:

I bought my other T's from people who actually knew about them at the local Gibralter Trade Center..M.C. Exotics in Taylor. They have an order coming in for me, and they work with breeders..are very knowledgable and answer all questions you may have. They are great! and my T's are uper healthy.
Good Job MC Exotics. :worship: