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Tropical Hut, Portland OR


Old Timer
Jul 15, 2007
My favorite pet store of all tiiime. They are very nice and pretty damn smart for being a pet store. They have a HUGE variety of well, everything. Lots of reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, scorpions, roaches, fish, turtles. I have bought many T's and reptiles from them all in good shape. Very willing to help with anything. They even invited me in the back once so I could see some of the T and scorp molts they have back there. I reccomend checking it out if your in the area.


May 21, 2015
Fairly positive, overall. I've been a frequent customer at his store, and I've purchased six tarantulas in all that were in great condition. The store is always tidy and a few of the staff have gotten to know us by name, and although the T variety has only recently started to expand over the last few months, they've got an amazing selection of ball pythons in just about every morph you can think of!

My only negative experience so far has been the little vial my new H. Minax sling came in... It was starting to mold from over misting, so I did a very swift rehousing. As far as anything else negative goes? They're rather over-priced, and all of their tarantulas are kept in some very... very temporary 'housing' if they're bigger than slings.

I'd give this store a 5/10. They're the 'go to' of the metro area if you want Portland T's.