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Trap Doors

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by Philth, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. dragontears

    dragontears Arachnoknight Old Timer

    He definitely has what I would consider boxing gloves, but I can't see hooks. I have a picture at home...I'll try to remember to upload it tonight. Do you know anyone that wants him if he is wanting some spider love?
  2. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    P.Novak great vid can't wait to get one myself a Cyphonisia sp.
    Silver Trapdoor.
  3. anaconda19

    anaconda19 Arachnosquire

    theyre so damn ugly thos things, but i still want one, one which makes a trap door sounds soooo cool and the vids on youtube of their speed make them look cool. but youve got to admit theyre one of the uglyest spiders around
  4. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    The Orange and Silver are nice looking as there what i'm currently thinking on getting pair of both hopefully from Lee at TheSpiderShop.
  5. Tunedbeat

    Tunedbeat Arachnolord Old Timer

    Idiopidae sp

    Received, infested with mites.


  6. lewisskinner

    lewisskinner Arachnosquire

    Hi guys. I had two of these arrive today - sold as Gorgyrella sp, one silver, one red. They're both quite small (bearing in mind I usually deal with Ts) with a body of maybe 1 inch, so I assume these are juvis?

    Will they be OK in a jam jar with hole in the lids? The jars are 4 1/2 inches deep x 2 1/2 inches in diameter, so I'll put in 3 inches to coco fibre and some moss for a trap. Or, do they need a larger-sized terranium? I got one 12 x 8 x 8 deep. Could I put both in there with some kind of divider (ie half-tank each)?
  7. froggyman

    froggyman Arachnoangel

    wow that trapdoor is really gloss tunedbeat
  8. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    I have a small selection of Tarantulas and the only thing i have, that's like a trapdoor in a couple of way's is a Cyriocosmus elegans (Trinidad Dwarf with the loveheart on rump) fiesty as hell and bad temper for her size, hates the lid on her burrow being removed when cleaning her out.
  9. lewisskinner

    lewisskinner Arachnosquire

    Seriously guys! loads of you have posted pics of trapdoors, how do I kep them? Is a jam jar OK for a 1inch body (2-3inch legspan) spider, or do I need an entire viv?
  10. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    I use Exo Terra Faunariums Small 24L x 16W x 17H cm for my Cyphonisia sp.
    Silver Trapdoor 5 cm and deep substrate for burrowing.

    I think jam jar will be ok.

  11. lewisskinner

    lewisskinner Arachnosquire

    Thanks Jen.

    I have both in jam jars, but it's way too small for the black fella!

    I may shift them both into a large KK-type enclosure with a divider down the middle.

    I'm using coco fibre as a substrate, and I've thrown in broken bits of bark and sphagnum moss to build the door. What do you use for the guys to build a door?
  12. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    Mine uses it's own silk and old leaves and same with female Cyriocosmus elegans.
  13. lewisskinner

    lewisskinner Arachnosquire

    well thats great! I'll chuck in some coco, moss and bark, and see what happens. I hear these guys try to camoflage teir burrows, so I guess whatever's to hand may/will be used?

    We shall see anyway.

    I'll post some pics once my camera is fixed. The red tanzanian sp. scares the hell out of me!
  14. DreadLobster

    DreadLobster Arachnobaron

    I've never actually seen it happen, but I do know that even shooting through the lid on the cage, it left spots on a wall about 4 or 5 feet away in my bed room.
  15. BoBaZ

    BoBaZ Arachnosquire

    I think, this is Silver Trapdoor Spider.

    And :
    My red trap. mature female



    That spider is so great ;)
  16. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    My little baby Cyphonisia sp.


  17. silver brushfooted trapdoor

    I got this one in March, at about 1 inch. When I rehoused it, it burrowed and ate overnight! It's really fast and nervous, so the trapdoor makes me feel alot safer (escape-wise) when I clean out remains. It is a very good housekeeper and will throw all its garbage out, except molts, so I still don't know its sex. Can't wait til it gets its adult silver coloring, although I do love the pattern on its abdomen at the moment. They are really fascinating spiders.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008
  18. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    I haven't seen mine since the day after i got in as it's in it's burrow and i only see part of it when grabbing food so don't know it's sex yet and if a mature spider.

    Will have to wait and see.
  19. jen1302

    jen1302 Arachnopeon

    Mine was sold as Cyphonisia sp at spidershop but found out from searches it's a Gorgyrella sp.

    Silver brushfooted trapdoor
  20. Diggy415

    Diggy415 Arachnoknight

    Well i had to rehouse mine and boy was it thirsty, now in a 5 gallon tank. Is it ready for molt when it's pale like this? Was bright red when i first got it.

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