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Todd Gearheart's Tarantulaspiders.com (www.tarantulaspiders.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Jeff, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. JoeRossi

    JoeRossi Arachnohumbled Old Timer

    Smooth T

    Smooth Transaction/Good trade and purchse with Todd. One thing about Todd, I think that he enjoys talking T's as much as I do. We will usually go back and forth with our T stories or oppinions for a while. Most others can't wait to get off the phone LOL. With that stated it shows that he loves the hobby and you can call him to discuss it with him instead of buisness only, quick buy my stuff and go away, garbage dealers. Overall good communication, packing, and quick service

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  2. jguy

    jguy Arachnopeon

    Grerat sevice

    New here and first time buying on the web order arrived when he said it would had one DOA credit was issued in hours, can't wait to order more from him. Quick and informative replies to e-mails
  3. Todd Gearheart Review

    :clap: POSITIVE!!!! :clap:

    I purchased a female A metallica from Todd last month. It was sited on the website to be a 4.5"-6" WC MF. When I opened the deli she was in, she crawled right out onto my hand. She is about 5" and I love her. I will definitely be dealing with Todd again. I hope to see a MM A metallica on his site soon, because Lydia (my female) wants a boyfriend. {D
  4. stingray

    stingray Arachnobaron

    Tod Gearheart...2 THUMBS UP!

    Just finished a transaction with Tod today. I have to say that dealing with Tod is top notch. He is a master at his knowledge of what he sells. His communication is super fast, packing and shipping is outstanding, and his animals he sells are beyond expectation. He truly is a class act. 2 THUMBS UP TO YOU SIR! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  5. moonstonedragon

    moonstonedragon Arachnopeon

    Just plain awesome

    Today I received my order from Todd and I love them. I am really picky about who I do business with, but would highly recommend him. I received a 1 inch A. versicolor and a wild collected adult female A. metallica. The metallica is stunning and flawless. Packed well, very attentive and top notch customer service. I will be ordering again.
  6. I received a beautiful, healthy G. rosea RCF from Todd yesterday. Packing was top-notch, and he responded very quickly to my inquiry and shipped the T as soon as possible for him. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do business with Todd again!
  7. SumDumGuy

    SumDumGuy Arachnopeon

    I received a versicolor from Todd yesterday, she arrived healthy and well packed, he also tossed in a few pinheads but she hasnt gone after em yet.

    She's chillin in the trees atm.

    Would definitely do business with him in the future

    Thanks Todd :D
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2011
  8. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer


    I received a Heterometrus swammerdami from Todd. Packing was great and the scorpion was nice and healthy.

    Thanks again!
  9. Formerphobe

    Formerphobe Arachnoking Arachnosupporter

    Received my order yesterday. Ts arrived hale and hearty and in a timely fashion. Would order from him again and recommend him to others.
  10. Madratter

    Madratter Arachnopeon


    This is a little late but I received my 2 Ts from Todd a couple of weeks ago. I had to wait a bit as they where imports but it was worth it. Both were very active, look to be healthy and are eating well. Good packaging and communication.
  11. Wink

    Wink Arachnopeon

    I recently purchased from Todd. As always, his communication was great, shipped when he said he would, and had good packaging. The T's arrived in great condition. I was very pleased with the transaction!
  12. 100% Positive! Excellent service!

    100% POSITIVE!!!

    I purchased 2 adult female P. scrofa females from Todd. I ordered and paid for them before I talked to him. and then I shot him an email telling him that I was buying them to attempt to breed with a mature male that I had on loan He responded by going above and beyond what I expected to find the best females to suit my purpose.
    He went through at least 3 shipments and spent a couple of weeks looking to find good females ready to breed. He sent one that had just molted, and one that was about to molt any time. In fact, the second one molted during shipping.
    He stayed in communication the whole time, sent me a picture of one of the females he chose, and kept me informed of what was going on. I could have gotten my order a lot faster, but I chose to wait and he put in the extra time to find exactly what I wanted.
    When I found one of my females in the process of molting I emailed him and he emailed me back promptly with instructions.
    His packing was excellent. My Ts arrived warm and in a humid environment. He even gives a $12 credit if you return the box and packing! Yay for recycling!!!
    My experience was 100% positive.
  13. Macrolove

    Macrolove Arachnopeon

    100% Amazing Service!!! Thanks Todd!!!

    I recently made a purchase with Todd for a Phidippus Johnsoni Juvenile. The spider is beautiful and is everything that I wanted. He was extremely helpful throughout the process. He pointed me in the right direction when I
    needed some help. He answered any questions that I had. I would recommend Todd in a heartbeat and will be making many of
    my purchases through him in the future!
  14. evilkarot

    evilkarot Arachnosquire Old Timer

    I bought a beautiful T. Stirmi from Todd on March 9, 2012. His customer service was excellent! He even picked out a female for me! His assistance during the transaction was great! I will most certainly be buying more from him!
  15. Thistles

    Thistles Arachnobroad


    I recommend Todd 100%! The spiders arrived in excellent condition, and he was extremely generous with freebies. His communication is excellent and when we had a small issue with my order he went above and beyond to fix it for me. Todd is the best!
  16. J Morningstar

    J Morningstar Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Went very well, paid, shipped and recieved within the same week. The specimine was fat healthy and only a few days later has already eaten. Looks like a WIn WIn for all. Thanks Todd.. I'll try to order again if things go well!
  17. BillMNJ

    BillMNJ Arachnosquire

    Absolutely positive!!!

    Just got an adorable (yes, adorable) juvie Solifugid (Camel Spider) from Todd. Opened the box and this odd little creature is staring up at me just as happy and healthy as can be.

    I can't say enough about this man and his exceptional business practices. This was a $40 sale and my first purchase with him. He treated me like I just spent $1000. Outstanding service, quick delivery, healthy specimen and post sale support. What more could you ask?

    Needless to say, I will be a lifelong customer of Todd's and expect to see this same review on all the boards.

  18. A+

    Todd has sent me several beasts and they are all top notch. He has the patience of a Saint and a real pro!
  19. wwwalt

    wwwalt Arachnopeon

    I'll add my own experience with Todd as well. Very happy and satisfied. This guy is amazing. He properly identified some species I had without ever seeing them. I had my doubts so I ordered from him what he said my misidentified species should have been and to make a long story short Todd was right. Once I put the two side by side there was no doubt he was correct. Thanks Todd I'll be back. Also like most everyone else has said great shipping and packaging and healthy specimens!!!
  20. deathcrew

    deathcrew Arachnoknight Old Timer


    Just got my A. hentzi from Todd today...What more can be said than has already been posted...He is awesome to deal with,the packing was top notch and the T is in perfect health...

    Thanks Todd, You are the man...:biggrin:

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