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Todd Gearheart's Tarantulaspiders.com (www.tarantulaspiders.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Jeff, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. evicton

    evicton Arachnoknight


    Got my fourth order from Todd and it was an excellent one. Everything arrived quickly and healthy. Most ate that day. Packing as always was top notch. I will not hesitate to order from Todd again.
  2. phoenixxavierre

    phoenixxavierre Arachnoprince Old Timer


    Todd was the first person I ordered from over the Internet roughly ten years ago and I must say he is as good now as he was then! The tarantulas were beautiful! He made sure I got what I was looking for, gave me a great deal, and included the tracking number to make sure I could track the shipment. He also made sure they ate prior to shipping them. He went out of his way to provide good information to any questions I had. In short he has great customer service practices, never rushing and making sure that all of my questions and/or concerns were covered before getting off the phone. He is also prompt on returning calls. Packaging was great and a credit was even offered just for sending the packaging back! Todd is a trustworthy dealer who ships what you want and is honest and knowledgeable on identification. I most definitely encourage all, newbies and oldies alike in the hobby, to do some business with Todd. I most definitely will again! Thanks, Todd!
  3. Positive again and again. Highly recommended.

    I had did several scorpion, Tarantula and centipede shipment from Todd, everything was top notch. The list and choices of inverts are one of the main attraction. Prices are beautiful in bulk purchase.

    Plus 1 thing i really important and i really like about his service is packaging and timing. I dare say his packaging is the best out there.
  4. NChromatus

    NChromatus Arachnosquire

    Very positive

    I just completed a larger (several hundred dollar) purchase with Todd and was pleased. The tarantulas I received were of excellent quality, even despite some of them being WC. Todd had clearly been discriminating in the specimens he was willing to sell to others. His prices were quite good, too. Todd's strengths are in his eye for quality, his ability to get ahold of virtually any species of tarantula one might be looking for, his incredible knowledge of tarantulas (and other inverts), and, lastly but certainly not least, his reasonableness. There was a lot of give and take in our transaction and he was always considerate, fair and efficient.

    Don't hesitate to buy from Todd, especially if you're looking for something that is not easily found and may require extra knowledge and effort.
  5. c'hick

    c'hick Arachnopeon

    Very Positive and a Great Guy

    My son got a Mexican Blond from Todd and he took the time to help out with what he thought was best. Easy communication, the best packaging i have ever seen! Highly recommend doing business with Todd.:clap:
  6. Inyoka

    Inyoka Arachnopeon


    I purchased 1.2 G. rosea from Todd and they are wonderful. He even helped me out on a simple payment plan over a weeks' time so that I could afford it. Definitely doing business with him in the future, and always recommending him to others.
  7. ragnew

    ragnew Arachnobaron


    Just received another package of pedes from Todd, and I've gotta say I'm just as happy as I always am. Great packaging and great animals.

    Thanks again buddy!
  8. kport321

    kport321 Arachnopeon


    Todd's a great guy to deal with. He ships extra and you get what you pay for. No need to go anywhere else!
  9. Camdil

    Camdil Arachnopeon


    I just completed my second transaction with Todd, Every thing was packed perfectly and in great condition. Todd also was very good about answering all the questions I had since I was buying my first centipede and even threw in a couple of freebees due to a delay in shipping.
  10. ragnew

    ragnew Arachnobaron

    A+++ (As always haha)

    Well just got another pede (this will probably be the last for the time being haha) and as one would expect Todd has went above and beyond as always! The S. angulata angulata showed up packaged extremely well, very alert and very, VERY nice looking! You CANNOT go wrong with Todd Gearheart!

    I recommend him to anyone and everyone that is interested in inverts! Thanks again Todd and keep me posted! :D
  11. lancej

    lancej Arachnolord


    I just completed a trade with Todd. I am very happy with the transaction! Communication was excellent! I will definately do business with him again! He is very knowledgable and is upfront and honest to do business with. Highly recommended!!!

    Thanks Todd!
  12. Quixtar

    Quixtar Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Got a gorgeous female Xenesthis intermedius from Todd. Great transaction as usual, A+!!!
  13. Borgimplant

    Borgimplant Arachnopeon

    Todd Geaheart

    I bought my first internet/mail-order tarantula from Todd. I was very leary about buying my T this way. I have always saw my tarantulas in person before deciding on buying them. But the communication was awesome and my dream T was available, so I took the plunge. I bought a mature female B. smithi from Todd and till now I am sooo greatful that I did. My T arrived just as promised. The packing was pristine and secure for the 2 day journey. I unpacked her very carefully and was so Happy and Excited when she bolted out of her deli-container! "She's ALIVE!!!" I was so full of relief. She was so big and so beautyful. So much more than what I expected! :clap: "Elvira" was home and I couldn't be more happier with her. Thanks Todd for your awesome communication, safe packing, and service. I am very satisfied with my purchase from you.:)
  14. GiantVinegaroon

    GiantVinegaroon Arachnoprince


    Bought a female vinegaroon from Todd. Todd was very prompt in shipping it out. The packaging was great, as was the vinegaroon inside(she wanted to spray me almost immediately! hahaha). Would definitely do business with again.

    Thanks Todd!
  15. 79toda

    79toda Arachnopeon

    i just did a trade with todd for the first time and i was extremely impressed. the packaging was the best ive seen so far. the spiders were in great shape. ill definitely keep him on the top of my list next time
  16. kevin91172

    kevin91172 Arachnobaron

    Todd Gearheart

    Will this a bit late but I received some T's from Todd and was very pleased.

    His packing was top notched,very great communication,will defiantly do business with him again.

    THANKS! Todd
  17. kevin88

    kevin88 Arachnopeon

    Did a trade with Todd just recently. The spiders arrived in great shape! Will do business again the future! Thanks!
  18. syndicate

    syndicate Arachnoemperor Old Timer


    On March 15th 2010 I sent Todd Gearheart 499.00 for the following spiders:

    Lyrognathus achilles 2x adult females, $65 ea.
    Lyrognathus achilles 1x male (either pen-ultimate or sub-adult), $55
    Lyrognathus achilles 1x unsexed 2", $45

    Lyrognathus fuscus 2x adult females $65 ea. )= $130
    Lyrognathus fuscus 1x male (either pen-ultimate or sub-adult), $55
    Lyrognathus fuscus 1x unsexed 2". $45

    Once payment was sent I was told the spiders from this import would arrive in 3-4 weeks.The shipment never arrived and since this time I have only been refunded the amount of 50.00 which was on August 27th,2010.
    During this time Todd has tried to offer me items off his list but most of these species I am not interested in.I gave him a list of spiders I would consider taking for credit but he was not able to obtain any of these species.After this I told him I am only interested in getting the money refunded.
    I have been very patient about this for many months now and given him plenty of time to try and refund the total amount of money but I honestly do not know if that will ever happen at this point.
    Enclosed below is a copy of the original invoice.

  19. Always a pleasure , A+ .........

    I Just completed a trade with Todd today. As always , he was easy to contact, Prompt in his replies and sent the items as specified. Packing is superb and even a phone call to review the Trade. I expected nothing less. I have known him for years and he has consistently provided support to the hobby that he has a passion for. Thanks Todd , for the years of good service !
  20. bluefrogtat2

    bluefrogtat2 Arachnoangel Old Timer

    very positive

    just received my copy of (an introduction to spiders of southeast asia)from todd,book arrived in a timely fasion and was in perfect shape,communication was awesome ...i look forward to future business
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