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Todd Gearheart's Tarantulaspiders.com (www.tarantulaspiders.com)

Discussion in 'Online Dealer Reviews' started by Jeff, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Todd Gearheart's Tarantulaspiders.com


    I have bought numerous Tarantulas from Todd Gearheart. They have always arrived in great shape, and healthy. He is great at spider identification too. He has been very helpful to me, and has answered all of my questions. You can't go wrong, when you buy Invertebrates from Todd Gearheart. He is one of my preferred tarantula suppliers.
    Check out his website today!
  2. Greg

    Greg Guest


    I too have ordered from Todd and was very pleased with my order. He has always been very helpful to me and very eager to converse about different invertebrates.
  3. TheEternal

    TheEternal Guest


    I dealt with Todd in person today (at a reptile show) and bought my first young spiders from him. He's VERY knowledgable and eager to share stories. I will certainly be dealing with him again (and may even make a 250 mile drive to do it)!

    MR.SMITH Arachnopeon

    Tarantula Breeder Extraordinaire


    when it comes to Breeding, and selling Tarantulas.
    His services are second to none.
    Enough said.

  5. nitrotek

    nitrotek Arachnopeon


    Just got some scorps. from Todd A+++++++++++++++++
    excellent packing emailed me through the whole process thanx again Todd
  6. Michael Lubert

    Michael Lubert Arachnopeon


    I have dealt with Todd Gearheart for several years now, which is in itself an indicator of the quality of service he provides. I would trust his service before that of anyone else with whom I've conducted business in the past in the arachnoculture arena (and most any other arena as well). His expertise is unquestionable, his conduct is completely professional, and his merchandise is always of the finest quality. As an arachnid dealer/breeder he is a true pioneer with many imitators but few equals.
  7. dilleo

    dilleo Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Todd Gearheart

    I ordered 3 shiny grey E. African tunneling spiders and a male C. thorelli and they came by Airborn Express and were packaged very well. I had no problems with the health of the spiders and the condition was great, not shabby or skinny. I recommend Todd Gearheart to anybody who wants quality t's at a great price.
  8. johns

    johns Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Todd, one of the best

    I just received an order from Todd Gearhart of beaucoup huntsman spiderlings, and two FREE P. viridans, and I must say I echo all these positive statements about Todd. Packing? Beyond reproach. Communication? Exquisite. Satisfaction?

    Dude.... you just don't know.

    A hundred, thousand thumbs< here I go, hyperbolizing again, I just can't help it, when you're professional, that's all there is to it! I sincerely think a new word should be invented for the sheer professionalism and courtesy of Todd- gearharteration:)>
    Todd gearharterated my shipment to me, such was his desire to see me enjoy my spiderlings.

    He, she, it gearharterated.

    Todd Gearhart, the ultimate gearharterator..:)
    • Love Love x 1
  9. galeogirl

    galeogirl Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I just finished doing a trade with Todd; my three Peruvian millipedes for six L. difficilis spiderlings. All of the slings arrived today in superb condition and I'm really happy with the trade.

    I know I'll be buying from him in the future
  10. Vayu Son

    Vayu Son Avatar of Anansi Old Timer



    I recently did a trade with Todd. He was extremely generous, replied to emails quickly and was open to questions at all times.

    The packing was great, everything arrived alive and healthy with all legs.

    I definately would do bussiness with again.

  11. Todd Gearheart

    I just completed a trade with Todd. My adult female B Smithi for his Chinese Black earth tiger Haplopelma. SP. As in all of my dealings with Todd over the years I was very pleased with the spider he sent me. She arrived in great shape and what a beauty she is. Reminds me of a H minax on steriods. Todd was the first on line dealer I delt with when I first got into the hobby' He was working at Glades Herp at the time. His knowledge of inverts is exceptional as is the service he provides. Todd has taught me a lot about keeping my animals healthy over the years and is always willing to offer advice. In my book he is top shelf
  12. dujuarez

    dujuarez Arachnopeon

    Buying Tarantulas

    I've purchased different tarantulas from different
    places, and I've got say that Todd Gearheart was the quickest at getting my order out. And when the
    tarantulas arrived they looked excellent. I'll
    definitely be buying more from him.
  13. rob

    rob Got Inverts? Old Timer

    Todd Gearheart's Tarantulaspiders.com


    I recently did an online purchase from Todd and although the Post Office delayed my overnight shipment (no fault of Todd), the whole transaction was outstanding. There are so many fine dealers out there, it is really hard to decide where to buy, but I knew I would purchase from someone who sponsors this site so that narrowed it down to a select few and really from there it came down to who had exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to trying the other dealers in the future, but Todd Gearheart is definately on my list of potential future dealers.

    I purchased: B. albopilosum (adult female), P. murinus (adult female), H. lividum (adult female), L. parahybana (sling) and he also sent two L. difficilis (slings) as freebies.

    The prices were a little higher than some other places, but well worth it to get quality T's of the correct sex. The T's were all in extremely great shape and exactly the size described. The H. lividum got off to a shaky start due to the delay in shipping by the Post Office, but after warming her up, she pulled through and is doing great. I attribute her recovery to the excellent health she was in prior to shipping.
    Todd communicated with me via email and answered all my emails in a timely manner and addressed all my questions and concerns.

    Packaging was Top-Notch! Everything was not only packed to avoid injuries, but everything was also well labeled with not only what the animal was, but also labeled with condition such as "very aggressive," and "pre-molt." The one labeled "pre-molt" did in fact molt last night and is doing great (the P. murinus).

    If you are looking for some new T's, check out Todd's website. Professional service and quality inverts! What more can I say?
  14. johns

    johns Arachnoknight Old Timer


    What can I say that has not e'er been said about this man, this myth?


    I just received two beautiful sub-adult Phyllocrania paradoxas, Orin's guide to praying mantises, 8 Nephila clavipes spiderlings and one A. avicularia spiderling, all perfectly wrapped.
  15. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I recently made a large purchase of slings from Todd. I was pleased with the transaction, the communication that took place prior to shipping, the packaging, and the stock. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Todd to anyone looking to make a purchase.

  16. vulpina

    vulpina Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Spiders arrived in perfect condition. Good communication and great quality, I would recommend Todd to anyone!!

  17. LaRiz

    LaRiz Arachnodemon Old Timer

    Breeder Review: Todd Gearheart <sales@tarantulaspiders.com>

    I loaned a male Cyriopagopus schioedtei (Pet trade C. thorelli) to Todd, which successfully bred his female. Spiderlings were produced and Todd, true to his word, sent me half of the offspring produced. Todd paid for the shipping of the spiderlings, as is customary, next day arrival. All arrived well and were packed good. Each spiderling was individually "vialed", which is a small burden on the breeder. Vials don't grow on trees. Todd is a true professional hobbyist by all means, and I recommend him as a choice when a mature male is stricken upon you.
    If in the future if I have a male tarantula, I will look to Todd for placement for a breeding strategy. He's the hobby "pitbull", but he's fair, honest, and I think he knows his s#!+.
  18. rob

    rob Got Inverts? Old Timer

    Todd Gearheart

    Saw Todd at the Daytona Expo and as always, I got some great spiders at great prices. He had a large selection available and was extremely helpful and friendly. The next day, I noticed my versicolor sling had died and contacted Todd who in turn sent me a replacement "no questions asked" the very next day. The sling arrived in excellent condition and is doing great. I couldn't be more satisfied. I definately recommend Todd and I always check out his pricelist first when looking for new spiders.
  19. Botar

    Botar Arachnoprince Old Timer


    I have made several wholesale purchases from Todd since May of 2003 and I've been very pleased with every aspect of doing business with Todd. Some of the highlights include:

    - He knows his inventory and is aware of what he has in stock.
    - His prices are fair.
    - He is very knowledgable in the field of inverts.
    - His turn-around time from order to shipping is very quick... even on large orders.
    - He is easy to contact and will take the time to talk to you.
    - Packing is professional.

    Basically, from the time of order to the time the shipment is unpacked, I've been satisfied with Todd's operation and would recommend him to anyone.

  20. Melmoth

    Melmoth ArachnoSweetTalker Old Timer

    Todd's The Man!!


    Todd managed to obtain a copy of Carl Sandefer's Centipede book for me,which everybody else said was unobtainable.I live in the UK,where it was never offered for sale. It was shipped to me on the day I paid for it and arrived in record time. I highly recommend Todd as an international dealer.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2004
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