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Toan Tran (Toan) <toanxtoan@hotmail.com>



Toan Tran


My first buy from an individual is from Toan. I must say, this smithi is GORGEOUS! He packed her very well (in fact, the box was so huge, I though I was getting a Caiman!)
Due to the postoffice messing up, the poor baby had to stay all night in a cold post office. I went and got her (I was waiting at the front door for it to open) and hurried home.
I opened the box up, and there she was, safely stashed away. As I gently unpacked her, I gasped because she is so BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Now I know why they are so popular!
I highly reccomend Toan to anyone. My smithi is plump and healthy, and he is a pleasure to deal with..
Thanks Toan!!


Old Timer
Apr 12, 2003
I just revieved 2 male and 2 female Jacksons Chameleons from Toan. One of the females is gravid. All four came in looking good, healthy, and happy. All have gentle dispositions (the expectant mamma is a little testy, but who wouldn't be??). I can tell they were all well taken care of.

There were some problems with the shipping, mainly because I am across the country from her, but it all worked out. I had to go and pick them up at the post office, because they came in after the morning delivery time. I didn't want them to spend the night there, but I called and gave them the tracking number and they told me they had the box and I could come pick it up.

But, everything worked out in the end!