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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by AviculariaRob, Mar 21, 2013.

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    At the beginning of March I traded Ryan 1 mature male A.Hentzi for a MM P.irminia. Great transaction, the male was happy and healthy. Could not wait to get some mating done with my female! Would not think twice about dealing with TMan88, looking forward to dealing with you in the future.

    100% POSITIVE!!!
  2. hearsemadam

    hearsemadam Arachnosquire

    Mid February, I purchased a well started A diversipes from Ryan and had the pleasure to pick it up in person (as I was heading out his way). upon my arrival, I was given the full tour of the T room and was impressed with both his knowledge and his husbandry. All of the Ts were in excellent condition.

    Needless to say I am very happy with my purchase. This little T didnt miss a beat with meals, even after traveling 100+ miles with me over the weekend until we were able to get home and rehouse it.

    Ryan was very accommodating with my request to pick up in person versus ship (I prefer to P/U if possible)


    The little gem!
  3. MrBoom619

    MrBoom619 Arachnoddicted

    Had the pleasure of meeting Ryan through one of his ads. I originally wanted to purchase an A.Metallica which he did have 2 slings readily available. Ryan was very knowledgeable as I just got back into the T hobby and he answered all my questions which were about a million! During the convo I mentioned I had a MM A. Avic and then I got schooled on the business aspect. Ryan offered the A. Metallica for free along sides of a loan of the MM with a 50/50 split if an egg sac is dropped, to purchase the MM, or make an even trade for the MM. I did get the A.Metallica for free and am crossing my fingers that his female/s get it on and drop some babies!

    I am a 100% satisfied and newly educated customer and HIGHLY recommend for anyone that is looking to purchase or do a 50/50 breeding loan to hit up Ryan - TMan88! =)

    I wouldn't ever hesitate to do business with Ryan again!

    100% Positive Review!
  4. 100 percent positive and healthy!!!

    My green bottle blue and orange baboon tarantula came 100 percent okay and very healthy ( almost never skip a meal) I trust him more than anyone else. Thanks dude!
  5. miguelr

    miguelr Arachnopeon

    TMan88 Recomended 100%

    I saw an add that Ryan (TMan88) had posted and I decided to contact him. He was quick in responding and gave me the option to either go in person to check out his wide variety of tarantulas or sending me pictures to choose from so he can ship them. I decided to go to his house and I was treated good by him. He has a wide selection and told me that if I wanted something he didnt have he would get it for me. His Tarantula room is at the right temperature and right humidity. I was happy with my first T from him. The second time I couldnt go pick my new tarantulas from him so I decided to get them shipped. He took care of everything and I am very happy with my new T's. I will be getting a lot more T's from him and I recommend him to everyone in the hobby 100%
  6. Tyranis

    Tyranis Arachnopeon

    I have had the pleasure of many trades with Ryan (TMan88) and have also purchased spiders along side of him (going halves) through people on these boards and he has always been very professional and is always fair to everyone he comes in contact with.
    excellent tarantula keeper.
  7. I purchased several T's from Ryan (OBT, H vonwirthi, A avic, and a gravid G rosea), very nice guy to deal with, patient, knowledgeable, and willing to answer questions. His prices are great, I'd recommend him and will definitely be working with him in the future!

  8. Ryan is my number one tarantula breeder. My boyfriend and I met him in May this year and we have had many wonderful experiences. He is extremely knowledgable and friendly. Because of Ryan, I got into the hobby and I'm having a blast. He has a great variety of healthy, beautiful tarantulas and I look forward to seeing him at all the shows and always doing business with him. I definitely recommend him! Thanks for everything Ryan!
  9. hearsemadam

    hearsemadam Arachnosquire

    traded my MM Avic avic yesterday for 4 B vagans and 4 Avic avic slings, plus bought a red phase OBT.

    its always a pleasure to do business with Ryan.
  10. Hellion299

    Hellion299 Arachnosquire


    Ryan was fantastic to do business with!!!!! I can not believe he does not already have a review thread with 100 positive reviews by now!!!!! Do not be fooled people, Ryan is a solid individual to buy/sell/trade with!!!!!! We just completed a trade and Ryan's specimens arrived super healthy and happy!!!!! His communication is top-notch and he is just an all around nice guy. Do not hesitate to do business with him!!!!!! I look forward to many successful transactions in the future Ryan, Thanks again!!!!!

    Frank IV
  11. Very good!!!

    I purchase two balfouris from ryan, he responded quickly and politely to all my requests, he even offered to meet somewhere or have me pick it up, great seller i would 100 percent buy from him again, great buying experience!!!!!!
  12. AliciaG6987

    AliciaG6987 Arachnopeon


    Ryan was such a nice guy, great and fast communication, and very understanding. Postage messed up and my poor girl was stuck in transit an extra two days. If it wasn't for Ryan's awesome packaging and a cool pack that was still slightly cool after THREE DAYS I don't think she would have made it! I got a beautiful Pseudhapalopus sp blue (if I could post pics I would). She was spunky and healthy on arrival! I would love to do business with Ryan again. Very helpful throughout everything! :happy: thanks again!
  13. samatwwe

    samatwwe Arachnobaron

    A+ Seller, POSITIVE

    I purchased 9 slings from Ryan including 2 M. Balfouri and all slings came nicely packed and very healthy and alert. One even molted in transit and arrived perfect! Ryan seems very knowledgable about the hobby and T's and I would recommend him to anyone looking to add some excellent tarantulas to their collection! Thanks a lot Ryan!
  14. Arachno_Shack

    Arachno_Shack Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Ryan is top-notch! Great packing, super communication, and a pleasure to deal with!

    Thanks again!

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  15. Before I bought bought 30 Tiger Rumps from Ryan, his communication was great. Ryan said he would add 3 extra slings to the order. For shipping, Ryan shipped slings in a deli cup placed in an overnight envelope that was designed for a letter. slings were sandwiched between wet paper towels. there were 6 pieces of paper towells stacked on top of each other. Tiger Rumps are cannablistic at the 2nd instar age. When I unwrapped the paper towels, only 27 slings were accounted for. Took pics and notified Ryan in less than one hour of receiving the package. Ryan denied what happened and argued over what I was reporting back to him. I asked him to take care of the LAG for the DOA and his response for three days was for me to buy the remaining slings. On the third day, Ryan's response to the DOA return was "I'll do it when I can," and paypal hasn't funded me your money. After the third day, Ryan's communication stopped. The fifth day Ryan told me he would return my money. Neutral.
  16. kiffnie

    kiffnie Arachnosquire Old Timer

    NEUTRAL due to communication issues

    I received my order or 20 tiger rump spiderlings today and they arrived alive in acceptable packaging. I inquired about buying these spiderlings 8 days ago on Thursday 10/30. I sent the money for them on Friday and it was agreed that they would be shipped on Monday 11/3.

    Late Sunday night, I saw that he had dropped the price by $2 per spiderling on arachnoboards for new orders. I am going to admit that I may have been a little unprofessional in the way that I responded to the price change while my order was still pending, but it was a little whining at the worst on my part.

    On Monday morning, I got word that another one of his orders had been sent out packed communally. I was concerned about my order, so I sent a message asking how my order would be packed. I got a response on Monday night that they would be packed individually, but that the order did not go out anyway, and that the new ship date was Wednesday.

    Early Thursday morning (6am central time) I sent a message asking for confirmation that they had gone out on Wednesday. When I did not get a response by noon central time, I sent a follow up text saying that I needed to know the status of my order. When I had not heard anything by 2pm central time, I decided that it was time to start documenting the transaction through the paypal dispute resolution process. Communication had been a mismatch of private messages and texting, and I wanted everything to be documented, because I was starting to get concerned about when they would ship. The weather in the coming week was not going to be acceptable to ship in.

    After the paypal dispute resolution was filed, I received responses to both my message and my text rather quickly, but the tone was hardly apologetic. It turns out that the package was not shipped on Wednesday either, because he had missed the dropoff deadline. I sent a message stressing the importance of them going out on Thursday, but all he seemed to be worried about was that I involved Paypal in order to document the lack of communication about the shipping delay.

    The paypal dispute resolution was promptly closed on Friday within an hour of when the package was signed for. In the end, I got what I paid for, but the process of communicating through the shipping delays was not pleasant. I am quite sure that Ryan is very nice to deal with in person, but this did not show through as well in our online communication.
  17. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    TMan88's new reviews can be found here.
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