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Tityus Thread

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Brian S, May 24, 2006.

  1. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    unless youre Draipon.;)

    Idealy, yes. but i'll admit the temptation is substantial.:8o
  2. drapion

    drapion Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Ok,Thanks!!! My B.jacksonii love to be handled..They cuddle up in my palm and just soak up the heat
  3. Have they ever tagged you? :)
  4. drapion

    drapion Arachnobaron Old Timer

    NO,I dont pick them up I just let them walk onto my hand..But don't get me wrong!!! I would never go passed a B.jacksonii..I have a few B.jacksonii I wont handle because they are just to aggressive..I would never hold a Tityus or other strong venomed scorpion.Yet I have been stung but it wasn't because I was handling the scorp.It was because I was a lot younger and stupid to the fact that the scorp is faster than I.But normally if I feel the urge to handle a scorp I pick a Heterometrus or a Hadogenes and never a (3) or above on the venom scale..
  5. Brian S

    Brian S ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Tityus bahiensis 2nd instar young
  6. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    The Tityus King! Beautiful scorpions!

    As far picking up scorpions, NEVER!

    Especially the more venomous one, have you ever seen what Androctonus or Leiurus does when you do not completely grasp their tails in a proper manner with the foreceps and they roll back with the pedipalps, now imagine that tool is your finger and thumb. Now, I am not saying anyone would be stupid or foolish enough but the same principal applies on the less toxic species.
  7. drapion

    drapion Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Yeah Ok, Sure!!
  8. Tityus are just phenominal aren't they!? Thanks for sharing, Brian.
  9. Brian S

    Brian S ArachnoGod Old Timer

    I never pick them up either not with my hand anyway.

    Yep I have seen what they do with a forcep LOL. When Tityus are resting underneath some bark you can pick up the bark (carefully) and they will usually not move unless you breathe on them or get them in direct light.

    Yeah, this is my favorite Genus now. It used to be Androctonus but I have seen the light now. I really enjoy working with these. They are super easy to breed and interesting to watch.
  10. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    Yeah, I wrote it as a disclaimer of sorts not to be condescending. A warning against any that has delusions of being the scorpion hunter that figure they can hand catch an Androctonus or Leiurus like some snake wranglers do cobras.

    Now I am going to share with all what me and Brian are insinuating, these species take the "you let go first, no you let go first" dilemna a step further. Every time I have given them opportunity to recoil and grab my forceps with the peds, once I release the tail these guys actually clung on and gave my forceps a nasty sting with venom visibly dripping down the tool. I once had an Androctonus australis cling to my forcep for what seemed upwards of a shocking minute.

    Just to clue everyone in, there's no wrangling any of these guys with bare hands.

  11. Brian S

    Brian S ArachnoGod Old Timer

    Tityus trinitatis
    male top, female bottom
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