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Tityus bahiensis

Brian S

Old Timer
May 29, 2004
Last night just before I went to bed I just happen to notice a half eaten cricket in one of my T bahiensis boxes. In that particular box is 4 juveniles that are about 1 or 2 molts to adulthood. I got the box down and set on the table and opened it like I had done many times. I have bark stacked in there for hides which I had to remove 1 piece in order to get the dead cricket out. I looked where I was picking it up and then I felt it!! A sharp throbbing pain in my finger. I pulled out my hand real fast and the scorp went in the air and landed on the table. My finger was hurting very badly but I was worried about getting the scorp back home which I naturally had the forceps there and got it back home.
I didnt know what would happen so I set up a couple more hours and monitored myself just in case something serious would start. For about 2 hours my finger near the sting throbbed like getting hit by 3 wasps at once. I also had some numbness on that side of the finger with light tingling sensations going up my arm just past the elbow. After 2 hours the the tingling stopped and the pain had lessened alot. I went on to bed and woke up with my finger a little sore but by noon all the soreness was gone. It has been almost 24 hours now since the sting and I feel no pain at all.
Out of all my Tityus, I have always felt bahiensis is a little more high strung. Its not agressive by no means but they have MOST EXCELLENT CAMOFLAUGE and are difficult to see when on bark.
I also checked the scorpion this morning and it is also doing fine.

Although nothing serious happened except for some discomfort this was a little reminder to me to always exercise caution when working with scorpions. Now I pass this little reminder on to everyone.