tip for rehousing but avoid the hassle?


Apr 30, 2007
I read a few threads, and been thru a lot of situations and came up with a neat solution for a lot of cases where rehousing is unpleasant and sometimes expensive. I don't have pics but will do this again and maybe then I can post a DIY.
Basically rehousing is part of growing slings and times when you want to upgrade. This is for growing baby T's that deserve a bigger home when they reach a certain size and their care needs change. Anyone ever try something like this? We should try to make it easier on all the newer hobbyists/keepers to save $$ and just enjoy our T's more with less hassle when it comes time to rehouse them.

I had the novel idea of closing off some of a habitat, like AMAC display boxes with plastic pieces, maybe glued in or even just slid into the substrate, so you don't have to uproot your established burrowing sling, who probably won't cooperate and might run or take a long time to do and stress you and the T.

This works for any sq or rectangular enclosure, any size. Your choice of divider is up to you. even playing card haha but not recommended. I've used plexiglass, acrylic, and even thin clear notebook protector sheet cut to size to reduce the habitat size to the T's needs. put it in your setup before you initially house your T. down to the bottom, snug fit, cut to the height and width of the habitat. it can have holes the same size as the outer enclosure, proper for the size of T. so it can't go past it. When it needs more space, just pull it out! instant bigger habitat. You can do multiple sections, too. it's ok to compartment a 4x4x5" Box to 1.5, 2 and whatever. cheap too and esp. if you don't need bunches of enclosures, you can just get 1 for a T, maybe for it's whole life even.
just one of the things I do, bcs I had some lightning T's a while ago and thinking to share husbandry tips.


Apr 11, 2017
I think that's a good idea especially for growing fossorials. While I haven't had any trouble rehousing any of mine, they get so stressed out after being dug up and take so long to settle in again that I feel bad. Something along the lines of the removable tank dividers I used to use years ago when I kept fish to separate one that was being picked on badly by the others to let its fins heal without having to move it.


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Mar 8, 2020
An interesting idea... I can’t really see how much less hassle it would than simply uprooting the t into a new enclosure(gluing, plexiglass etc.) It would also look rather strange and be a bit problematic when it comes to T’s webbing on the divider. I can see the logic applied to keeping multiple sling/juvi T’s in one tub with dividers but don’t really see how this would improve rehousing (a pretty hassle free operation when done in a bathtub or storage box with long tongs)


Jul 2, 2016
Main issue would be space here, people with larger collections cant really afford to have slings living in deli cups inside adult enclosures...that could otherwise be used for another T.

Interesting idea though, also good luck keeping a sling contained with dividers, they can easily escape from the smallest of gaps.


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Oct 18, 2017
I have thought about it when i first started.

Esentially making removable segments inside of an adult sixe enclosure, and simply allowing more area as a specimen grows, but the intricacy of a user friendly and cost effective system seemed much more complex than just doing thr rehouse when i need to.

Just my opinion, but i found more cons than pros when i thought about it, so i never tried one.

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
lol, re-housing slings...even many juvies, just may be one of the simplest things one can do in the hobby. I fail to see how it could even be expensive...much less unpleasant. New keepers tend to get worked up for nothing when it comes to re-houses.....I know that's how I was back in the day......get all worked up, then do the re-house and find I got into my own head about the difficulties.

Avoid learning how to re-house them when small, and you avoid one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable educational tool in keeping ts and will put you at a big disadvantage when you actually need to re house something larger and trickier.



Aug 30, 2019
Interesting idea . I will say though some of us don't see rehousing as a hassle, it is one of the few times I get to 'interact' with my T. It's quite enjoyable