Time to find a male?


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Apr 8, 2003

Last night my B.smithi drummed her feet at the entrance to her cave when I approached the tank. I've never seen her do this before, but I recognise it from avi's I've seen of mating T's.

Does this mean she's ready to mate, or do T's drum their feet for any other reason?

She's a large female of unknown age (I've only had her a year). She molted about a month or so ago and has recently enlarged her cave, digging out the soil right to the bottom of the tank. She has become more shy and spends most of her time in her cave.

If she is ready to mate, what would be the best way to find a suitable male? I'm in the North of England, near Leeds. Eek:(

Here's a link I've posted several times before to a recent picture of her:
Freshly molted and posing for the camera. Yeah baby!

Thanks in advance for any advice. If she's ready to mate I'd like to let her. I can't take on the potential care of the eggsack or slings (I don't have the room), but I'm sure I'll be able to find someone in the UK who'd be volunteer to take them.:p

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Nov 4, 2002
I have had several of my female T's drum while I was disturbing their enclosures also. It could very well be that she is ready to mate, and she has mistaken your movements with those of a male suitor. I can't say for sure. Some females drum in response to a male, while others do not. It usually is a good sign for you and the male when they do. I have gotten more eggsacs from females that displayed this sign of receptivity. I did however, have a female drum in response to the male, only to sink her fangs into his carapace when he advanced.

As for finding a male, I would suggest using the classifieds section here or the "Bulletin Board" on the BTS site.

Good luck in your future breeding endeavors,

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