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Tim (Artemio) del Rosario <dscolopendra@aol.com>


He Who Rules
Staff member
Jul 16, 2002

I recently ordered 2 CB centipede babies from Tim. 1 PR Giant and 1 S. heros castaneiceps. When I received the package, not only were the two I ordered in there, but also a freebie Chinese redhead and a second PR Giant. While waiting for the Centipedes to be shipped, Tim was always very prompt in replying to emails and kept up great communication with me. Unfortunately, due to what I believe was damage to the S. heros specimen during shipping, it died within 24 hrs of receiving it. Upon notifying Tim of the problem, he stood by his live arrival guarantee and shipped me another S. heros via priority mail for a $5.00 shipping charge as a replacement for the deceased pede. He stands by his service and I would gladly order from him again when he has species that I am interested in. Start breeding those Peruvian monsters that you have Tim :)



Old Timer
Jul 29, 2002

Tim is a great guy, and has some of the best pedes around. I ordered 2 Pureto Ricans from him, and 1 Malaysian!! They all came in great shape, and good packing!! Would reccomend him to anyone looking for a good pede!! His shipping time was very fast, and he gives email support!!