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This Guy just ate a live T!!!! now I'm pissed....

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Arachnoholic420, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. vickywild

    vickywild Arachnoknight

    Personally, I think its wrong to eat any animal.

    The reason this video shocked me so much I think was the fact that the things eaten alive. Theres absolutely no need.
  2. Nerri1029

    Nerri1029 Chief Cook n Bottlewasher Old Timer

    I noticed it was a MM as well.
    and to correct you on one thing... Venison = YUMMY :)

    I've seen far more "inhumane" things happen in nature, so I'm advising those who got offended to relax.

    I've done worse things to MM T's when introducing them to a female and have it not go well.
    That spider in the video neither suffered or was treated all that badly. ( he didn't pull legs off etc.)

    THANKS CATFISH for some perspective.

    think of how Lobster are cooked and compare that death to this... much worse (IMO) but I'm ok with it.

    these aren't sentient beings. they have no concept of self, of suffering etc.
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  3. Malhavoc's

    Malhavoc's Arachnoking Old Timer

    I am sure I will regret jumping on this band wagon however;

    1) Day in day out crickets, roaches and numerous other creatures are slain for our enjoyment- if we ourselves do not eat them- our pets do. you can not argue "I do it for the conservation of the species!" because hybrids (Which do exist) non threatend species etc are overly abundant in the community of pet keeping.

    2) The life of the tarantula was not uselessly wasted; it provided sustanance to that man; which is what all of our meals do- Eating tarantulas is not a new thing, its and old thing that still happens daily in some communities of the world. There has been and there still is vendors full of tarantulas and all kinds of pets for the consumers eating pleasure.

    3) the tarantula in question was a rough shape ultimate male- you can clearly see its palps and hooks showing; its life was forfeit the moment it hit that molt and became a stud that was probably used and abused by females through out the area via mail dating making its life a success.

    4) the tarantula itself probably suffered more loosing the leg then it did in the two second bite that killed the creature, I saw no suffering not even the twitching leg that you usualy see from a dead spider.

    Lastly, lets not judge a man and result to such childish behavior as to preform name calling, l33t speech swearing etc. Rise above- the man may of done it for "schock syndrome" to awe veiwers but he also did something many other poeple do daily and nothing truely special. At that age, we have all done something " for the ladies" I am sure.

    PS: the legs of the spider were not broken or molested by that pinch, thats a normal pinch that some people use to collect tarantulas, it makes for safe handling, the people that eat them tie their legs like that then wrap them in a leaf and cook them that way- if untied/released the legs of the spider function without any damage.

    PPS: On the fame note, yes, he did it for fame, however. he probably just opened a large amount of peoples heads to ideas they never knew about such as " you can eat tarantulas?" "tarantulas come in different sizes?" "they're not insanly deadly?" etc. there is much more then what you think occuring when you give something to an audiance, as individuals they do not think the same.
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  4. High_Rolling_T

    High_Rolling_T Arachnosquire

    And why not? Mainly because they aren't available readily to the cultures that tend not to eat them. Also, tarantulas are eaten in many South American countries and they are Western.

    I would consider them food. Many people keep cows, chickens, and pigs as pets, but doesn't stop them(or "western cultures") from eating beef, chicken, and pork. The only distinction made is superficial.

    I'd try dog or cat too. Food is food, as long as it tastes good, then good!
  5. TaylorW

    TaylorW Arachnopeon

    funny the cows my grandfather owns and alot of his neighbors own live on huge pastures and eat hay and grass. oh and beef isn't fat. the way you prepare you food determines its fatiness, and it happens to be high in protein which is good for your muscles, that is if you have any lol.

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    dogs and cats have been household pets for centuries around the world and are accepted by mostly everyone so that would be inhuman. people in the phillipines eat dogs and baby chickens right before they hatch, and in china they eat cats and rats aswell as most insects but they dont videotape themselves doing it.

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    this video is a perfect example of cultures catching them and defanging them
  6. Transient

    Transient Arachnosquire

    Right now, the only thing that upsets me about this thread is the fact that you're all trying to sway each other on a subject that will never be agreed upon. EVER. In any situation.
  7. Jon3800

    Jon3800 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Agree! What a sick individual...
  8. TaylorW

    TaylorW Arachnopeon

  9. Transient

    Transient Arachnosquire

  10. TaylorW

    TaylorW Arachnopeon

    what it is
  11. It is way to obvious that this guy wants internet popularity and will do anything to get it, and eating bugs is apparently considered entertainment these days (how sick). But seriously!! Eating a tarantula live is pretty cold hearted, I'm still waiting for this guy to get whats coming to him.
  12. High_Rolling_T

    High_Rolling_T Arachnosquire

    Spider eats him alive?
  13. TaylorW

    TaylorW Arachnopeon

    no the fangs get hung in his coleen causing discomfort and the only releif is surgury aka someone cuts his butt open to remove it lol. therefore the spider ripped him a new @$$hole lol spider-1 dumb guy-0
  14. pipsiugbo

    pipsiugbo Arachnopeon

    I didn't bother reading all four pages of this, but I agree with whoever said "whats this difference in this and feeding live roaches"? Last night, I gave my T. ockerti a dubia that was 1x its body length. It roach struggled for about 2 hours before it finally kicked the bucket. This is with two very large fangs in its back, being suspended above the ground so it couldn't run.

    I can't think of anyway to euthanize an animal that would be more human than totally squishing it in an instant.
  15. Transient

    Transient Arachnosquire

    I'm more squicked by the actual sensation of it. Tarantulas strike me as something that would... Pop and then fill your mouth with goo. I'm gonna go throw up now.
  16. Anastasia

    Anastasia Arachnoprince Old Timer

    nah, just nudder idiot looking for attention on youtube.
    so many of them nowadays must be cool club to be belong to ;P
  17. sjeckert6297

    sjeckert6297 Arachnopeon

    Very well put. I agree with you 100%!
  18. DannyH

    DannyH Arachnobaron

    Your grandfather has an old fashioned farm. I'm talking about commercially raised cattle for the meat in fast food and similar things. And while the way you prepare it does have a factor, what the cow itself has eaten is also a huge factor. Just cooking a stick of butter in vegatables doesn't make it healthy.
  19. catfishrod69

    catfishrod69 Arachnoemperor

    there is a veal farm up the road from me...little calves hooked in stantions there whole short lives..with no way to stand....if they stand up, that makes the muscles work, and that makes the meat tougher....really stupid stuff...why not atleast let the little guys grow up happily and live a good pastured life, then eat them....to me quantity is better than tenderness...i would rather have 300 lbs. of beef in the freezer instead of 2 lbs. that is tender....and i have personally skinned tons of animals...i am a hunter, and i do taxidermy...you can skin them and remove all the fat...the fat is on the outside of the muscles to keep the animal warm...simply remove it before continuing....
  20. DannyH

    DannyH Arachnobaron

    Yeah, I'm a vegatarian myself, but I'm compleatly fine with people eating ethicaly raised meat, or hunted meat. I don't see any harm in it, people are made to eat animals.
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