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the very busy spider


Old Timer
Jul 18, 2002
i enjoy eric carle books—they always seem so true-to-life (we all know of at least one adorable "very hungry caterpillar" who has had a tummy-ache).
carle spins unforgettable stories coupled with vivid collage illustrations that all children enjoy. however, thus is not the case with "the very busy spider."

"the very busy spider" was a slight disappointment in that the spider's web is not represented as the beautiful strong silk for which it is, but rather as a raised line of thin, shiny plastic. there's nothing silk-like about shiny plastic!!

aside from the ridiculous web-recreation, "the very busy spider" was a decent story with the "work hard and you will be rewarded with a plastic spider web" moral that any god-fearing child should be instilled with at birth.

but in spite of carle's cop-out for a web, i'm still anticipating the release by carle about "the very angry tasmanian devil," or "the very venomous platypus"!