The twelve+ critters of chrissmess

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Aug 8, 2005
Ruminating... make that rumpilating, sitting on ones arse contemplating. Encountered on our property over the years.

Termites - the entire property is a termite mound
Ants - a conservative guess being 50 lbs in a vast variety of makes and models
Birds - not my specialty - maybe 150 different species
Wasps - about 25 different species
Bees - a large assortment
Mosquitoes - including everyone's favorites - Anopheles and Aegypti
Spiders - T's - mostly Atrax, lycosids, sparassids, nephila, an assortment of small orb weavers, a larger assort of others of the hunter variety and a few web based Agelenopsis?, and of course, a half billion pholcids of assorted flavors
Rats - several species
Mice - several species
Mites, large assortment including scabies, demodex, sarcops and some other very vicious people munchers
People parasites such as lice and other. Usually donated by in-laws
Fleas - you people in temperate climes don't have a clue what flea infestation is until you have taken in stray dogs in the tropics. White socks peppered to dark gray in a two minute stroll outside
UFTs Unidentified Flying Things includes drain flies and STTSBT, Small Things That Sting Big Time
Snakes - Whoo boy...Kraits, Aheatulla, Pythons - Burms Retic Royals, Red Tails, assorted Ratters, Cats -Boiga, Golden Tree - C Ornata, Whips, Keelbacks, Vipers - Russells and Saw Scale, Paradise Trees, Sunbeams, Cobras - Siamensis Kaouthai Hannah, and a few heck-if-I-knows.
Some kind of feral cat going only by tracks in the river bank mud, about 20 lbs
Two maybe three unknown mammals going by tracks.
And very few partridges, they have mostly been eaten, in no pear trees.
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