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The Tarantula Store (homepage.ntlworld.com/the.tarantula.store/)



The Tarantula Store


I have found The tarantula Store and Phil and Tracy to be very good to deal with.

They are one of the few British people with tarantulas available for sale, and the service is excellent.

The actual purchasing of the spiders I received is down to my good friend E Anne, based in America. So she will be able to add more here, but as far as I know the service was excellent, and they put themselves out for benefit of getting the spiders to me even though the money was held up through the September 11th tragedy.

The spiderlings were packaged beautifully and arrived safe and sound. All are growing well, and are spiders to be proud of.

Thankyou Phil and Tracy

Regards Tracey

E. Anne Pennington


:D I have nothing but praise for The Tarantula Store. I wanted to send Tracey Chard a birthday gift of tarantula's. Phil and Tracy said "sure" and we decided on how I would send the money from CA to England.

On Sept. 10 I mailed the money. Three weeks later it still hadn't arrived and we found out the US was not forwarding any over seas mail. The Tarantula Store sent Tracey her T's plus printed out the birthday card I emailed and included it in the package. They did receive the money but they didn't wait for it.

E. Anne