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The Tarantula Keepers Guide - Schultz & Schultz

Discussion in 'Book and Magazine Reviews' started by Immortal_Sin, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. Immortal_Sin

    Immortal_Sin Guest


    I think this is my favorite book on tarantulas. Written with a great style, and wonderful sense of humor, it covers A to Z on tarantula care. There were only a couple things I didn't agree on (one being gravel substrate) but all in all, the information is solid.
    Great sections on breeding, rearing spiderlings, and on medical techniques.
    I'd highly recommend this book
  2. Ben_B.

    Ben_B. Guest


    I agree with Scott for Tarantula owners this is basically the Bible ;D
  3. Mendi

    Mendi Guest


    Just the tarantula keepers bible! Great book and would love to see them write another one.
  4. Code_Monkey

    Code_Monkey Guest


    The highs:
    It is by far the most thorough and generally accurate book on tarantula care I've ever read. It covers everything the novice will need to know and still has plenty of gems of wisdom for experienced keepers. I particularly liked their conservative approach to many factors that get extremely over emphasised on the net (e.g. humidity, temperature, turning the cage into a Dagobah simulation in preparation for a coming moult, etc.). Everyone who keeps tarantulas would do well to at least check it out from the library and read through it, particularly if the bulk of your tarantula knowledge has been gleaned from internet sources (which generally are rather parasitic and feed off of one another without necessarily anyone ever having a good, verifiable primary source to start it all off with).

    The lows
    It's a bit pedantic on the "science" side of things (do we really need to have the singular and plural pointed out for every Greek and Latin derived term?) and some of their nomenclature seems to have been adopted "just because". For instance, the terms prosoma and opisthosoma versus cephalothorax and abdomen - maybe the former terms are more correct from a pure arachnologist's point of view, but the latter terms are by far the most common in usage and equally correct. Their insistence on the-never-heard-anyone-in-my-life-use-it bristle for the more correct setae. or even just the colloquial hair. because they personally decided that setae wasn't specific to tarantulas and hair should be reserved for mammalian descriptions was a particular stand out of obtuse nomenclature. Worst of all was their layman insistence that invaginations of the exoskeleton constituted an endoskeleton - try getting that one past your invert zoology or comparative vertebrate anatomy professors :p Still, considering the intended audience, I realise I'm being nitpicky.

    Another relatively minor issue is their use of out of date papers for describing how various people of the world regard tarantulas. When talking the human race, you don't cite a paper more than 50 years old and expect it to be anything more than a historical document of how people acted or felt more than 50 years ago.

    My only other beef with the book is when they take it upon themselves to launch into a diatribe against Western culture - save the political commentary for political books. It is possible to stress that the biggest threat to wild tarantulas is habitat destruction without practically calling the whole of western culture a souless, empty sham which is destroying everything good in the world. Without that crazy free market bringing pet tarantulas to little boys in the middle of nowhere, there'd never be enough people exposed to tarantulas to get them to care one way or another what happens to them. We have to seek balance, and a lot of species are going to get bulldozed out of existence, that's reality and human nature - a bunch of people crying out for us to retreat back into our wigwams with our tarantulas isn't productive or good reading in a pet care book.

    Criticisms aside, there is probably no other book which covers as much material about keeping tarantulas with as few mistakes. Novice or expert, anyone would do well to at least read this book.
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  5. Vayu_Son

    Vayu_Son Guest


    Valuable resource for any keeper, from novice to advance. Provides extensive information on medical research, including emergency solutions and ICU units. Lengthy and inexpensive.
  6. King_Looey

    King_Looey Guest


    Its got everything a spider keeper needs, except a spider, tank, substrate, food....... You get the picture.
  7. Positive

    great book . found it very intersting and helped me with my T knowledge
    i found the scientic parts quite baffeling but ill understand it in due time . also great value for the amount of content . overall a book for every 1
  8. Life Is Good

    Life Is Good Arachnopeon

    I just ordered this book on Amazon.com a few days ago, I should be getting it in the mail any day now. I'm very excited to start reading it.
    I have not been able to own my pet tarantula yet since I've always lived in apartments, and of course pet arachnids, reptiles etc are banned in apartments..others fear them.
    So to have a house and my pet, I look forward to one day! :)
  9. Life Is Good

    Life Is Good Arachnopeon

    I got it a while ago as I said, I ordered one through Amazon.com. It is indeed an excellent book. I'm so very excited for the day I'll be able to get my pet tarantula. I need to get out of this apartment first:) :D
  10. deez8legz

    deez8legz Arachnosquire

    I'm half through mine and have had some experience with Ts and I am fascinated with how it's written. A bit lengthy on taxonomy, which for the average (one or two T's) enthusiast is a bit useless, still good reading though. I can't wait to finish it. Two thumbs up.:clap:
  11. betuana

    betuana Arachnobaron

    Must have


    This book is a must have. TONS of useful information and insight into tarantulas - I got the book and read it all before I got my first T, and am very happy I did so. Good read, great information, educated me and increased my interest in tarantulas at the same time.

    Everyone should have a copy of this book - if you only every buy one book on tarantulas, let it be this one.

    Can't wait for the new updated version either (the authors have stated that it will be more of a working with the older version, not just a updated repeat, so get both to get all the info!!!) :D
  12. Miss Bianca

    Miss Bianca Arachnoprince


    If I had to chose from one of my Tarantula books and give up all the others... this is the one I'd keep. Fabulous book and ALOT of useful information... more topics covered than expected..
  13. wedge07

    wedge07 Arachnolord


    This is a great book. Probably the best book on keeping tarantulas I have ever read. :clap:
  14. John Apple

    John Apple Just a guy Old Timer

    I have the third edition signed by both authors [Stan and his lovely wife].
    very cool book with a boot load of information.
    Great book
  15. This is by far the most helpful book on T's. I only hope to someday have my very own "spider's lair"
  16. QuantumGears

    QuantumGears Arachnopeon


    Definitely the best tarantula book I have seen. It probably contains more information than any other T book out there. Absolutely a must buy for anyone in this hobby.:D
  17. Positive

    I figure I'll throw my support behind this book. It was the first tarantula book I ever owned, and provided me with great information in my newbie days. If you could only own 1 book on tarantulas I'd suggest this one.
  18. I have it also...You can get it on amazon really cheap, and it's a definite must have
  19. Great book, Great pictures, Awesome descriptions about everything i would ever need to know! I finished this book in a few days, i couldnt put it down. I went from knowing little to being a Tarantula wikipedia. Definitely the only Tarantula book i will ever need to read. :)
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  20. bloodred1889

    bloodred1889 Arachnoknight Old Timer

    after reading this book it became my bible on the care of tarantulas, very well explained, sorted into great chapters and if you want to go more into the scientific tarantula you can.
    Its really easy to read and understand.

    My favorite part is the explanation of different habitats and setups for different types of tarantula.

    I would recommend it to anyone, even as a first book.
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