The tales of the mighty Cricket


Old Timer
Jan 23, 2003
I though I'd share......

A month or more before, I had my first cricket escape. The little bug jumped out of the T' cage and before I could look behind my desk it had disappeared. I thought it would die soon as it was adullt and there's no kind of food in my rooms floor.

So, about 2-3 weeks after that day, I was sitting on the floor of the living-room, watching TV, when my eye caught a slight movement.... good call, it was the cricket!!! I run the stairs up to my room to get sth to catch it. Whebn I returned , it was still there, in the middle of the living room so I easilly put it in the vial.
So, as I had no other crickets and as i though I had a starving frog (see at "not so spineless" thread "Frog") I gave the little cricket some apple and then threw it in the frogs tank.

I thought the frog had eaten it after a few days but on Wednesday, I saw it in there!!! Lucky bug I thought.... So I took it out and with no hesitation I threw it along with anotherone in my T.Blondi's tank........

I sat there to see her feed on escapee. No luck. The d@mn thing managed to avoid 3!!!!!!! attacks of my T' that got bored and hunted down the other one.

So, after 2 days, I checked back expecting to find the cricket still in there laughing at me. Nope, the inevitable had happened....No cricket in there.......... I kinda feel sorry for the littl guy


Old Timer
Jan 6, 2003
I had that happen once with a lizard. Now I keep that same species of lizard in the enclosures with almost all my desert scorp adults. *lol* I tried to get almost every one to eat him with no luck. I found success when I put that one, in particular, in with a Hadogenes scorpion. The Usumbara Orange even ignored him. Strange...but a lucky cricket, indeed...for a while.

edw. :D