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The Spider Infraorder Mygalomorphae (Araneae): Cladstics and Systematics

Steve Nunn

Old Timer
Aug 30, 2002
R.J.Raven; The Spider Infraorder Mygalomorphae (Araneae): Cladstics and Systematics; 1985, Bulletin of The American Museum of Natural History; volume 182,pp1-180.

This is the quintessential reference paper regarding systematics of the Mygalomorphae. It is not so much a commercial book as such, but the most comprehensive study in systematics of the primitive spiders to date (of course including the theraphosids). Cladograms of all mygale families can be found, the taxonomic drawings are excellent, and phylogeny is covered to a level not seen before or after this amazing paper.

If you can find a copy, you will find it an invaluable identification tool.

Pretty much only for the serious hobbyist, study up on terminology beforehand!!

The best mygale reference work I have, by FAR!!!

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