The Rules: Read Before Posting - Updated 5/7/2020

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Jul 16, 2002
This forum is here for you to ask for information regarding sellers/buyers who have not been reviewed, or to warn people of sellers/buyers that you attempted to deal with and experienced something with that person that caused the transaction to not occur (please note that once money is sent or an item is sent, the transaction has been initiated and technically occurred and then needs to be posted in the reviews section, once you feel nothing else is to be said or done further).

The Rules


  • Please remember, this is NOT a discussion forum. If you feel you must say something to a poster, feel free to PM them.
  • Personal Attacks will NOT be allowed.
  • Do NOT start a new thread for a seller/buyer previously mentioned. Post to the already existing thread. Only one thread per user (separate threads for each individual user).
  • All posts must be on topic. Any posts not relating to the inquiry/warning will be removed.
  • All information MUST be from your own personal first hand experience. General comments/hearsay will be deleted (with or without notification). Please make sure that you include as many details as possible.
  • If you are looking for information on a seller/buyer, check the seller/buyer review forum first. If a thread exists for the person you are requesting information on, your thread will be locked and redirected to the seller's/buyer's review thread.
  • Thread Title should have the Name, Email address and/or Website of the seller/buyer in it.

  • Warnings are for users to post what transpired with a potential seller/buyer/breeder that caused the transaction to NOT take place. If you consider your transaction to be complete (you expect nothing further to transpire), then you will need to leave a review for the seller/buyer/breeder.
  • Initial warning post MUST contain the reason(s), in detail, why you chose NOT to do business with the seller/buyer.
  • You are allowed a maximum of ONE post regarding the specific experience.
  • If a user feels they have information that is relevant to a warning, that they feel should be made public, they should contact a moderator or administrator and we will advise them accordingly.
  • Thread Title should have the Name, Email address and/or Website of the seller/buyer in it.

Personal Attacks will NOT be allowed and Arachnoboards reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate. All transactions, unless previously cleared by Arachnoboards administration, must be invertebrate-related!

Arachnoboards also reserves the right to move threads to the appropriate review forum.

Hoping you get a lot of use out of this forum in choosing an online seller/buyer.

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Jan 11, 2004
Guess it is time to remind everyone that these rules still apply!
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