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The P. Dictator

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Deolok, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    i think that the point is that as a white, american, highschool kid, your chances of making it out of africa alive with scorps are very slim. but hey, we all gotta dream right?

    and as far as nicaragua is conerned, it is actually in central america. I dont believe i have ever heard of a pandinus sp. in the new world, but if you can cite your source, i would be very interested to see it. i know that there is now a european colony of C. vittatus, so nothing would really suprise me.

  2. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

  3. is that a picture of one? apart from maybe wider chela it looks just like a p.imp
  4. JSN

    JSN Arachnodemon

    I'll stick with emps until I dont have to risk my life to get one of those....
  5. Ya gotta have dreams ya'know? Without them all we will have is memories and not the abilities to have new ones that bring us to a moment of happiness. I know it maybe impossible to own one at this point, but I would really like to hope it be possible to own one in the near future.

    Arietans what is this small island off the cost of Africa?


    The green is where the P. Dictators are located.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2006
  6. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

  7. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    Deolok, I can't see the pic :)
  8. Ryan C.

    Ryan C. Arachnoprince

  9. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight


    Here you are: From the top is Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon and the Dem. Rep. of the Congo. The very small country in between is Guinea.

    Cameroon is not for first timers and neither is the Congo. Nigeria can be up and down, but as long as you have money you will be fine. Gabon is also okay, but be awake and don't trust anyone (don't be rude, but don't trust anyone). Guinea is also up an down, but probably the easiest of them all.
    Keep in mind that if they catch you trying to export caught animals you will have to pay a hefty bribe.
    For these countries, go there and get to know some of the people. But people with influence. So you might have to go a few times.
    When you eventually get to catch something, ask them to help you into Angola and go home from there.

    This is not advice on illegal exportation. None of those governments could care less about the animals, its your money they want. And besides, if it were as easy as what I wrote it here you would've had your P.dictator long ago :)

    Another thing, if you think street violence in the US is bad you will get an eye opener of monumental proportions.
  10. Michiel

    Michiel Arachnoking Old Timer

    Hey Pandinus, I never heard of a European population of C.vittatus:confused:

    Where did you get this info????
  11. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    it was quite a while ago somewhere on here, i think it was mentioned as being somewhere around spain or portugal. anyone feel free to hop in and support or correct this.
  12. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

  13. PIter

    PIter Arachnoangel Old Timer

  14. Its not like I plan on going any time soon... I am just curious in case ya'know I or anyone else on this forum suddenly have an adventours streak about them.

    I do think though, that this whole P. Dictator thing could make a wonderful movie... It would be like.... "The Cave" + "Lords of War" + "Congo" ... More or less rated R... Because my character would have a big nasty sex scene a contract AIDS or something :} :eek: :(
  15. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    A plot that's ......... interesting :)
  16. Heh oh yea. Well Shoot, where do we go from here... We still dont know much about these rare scorpions. Does anyone have any information on them, maybe as to how they came to be? Maybe you can cross 2 different scorpions of Pandinius to form one the Dictator? I know the Dictators are much larger, they are basically a forest emperor on roids. (its my assumption, correct me if I am wrong). So could we cross a P. Imp. with a P. Cav. or something?

    I guess we should consider the traits as well...

    Chelae Size
    Metasoma Size
    Mesasoma segment size....etc....
  17. if your going to africa you need to buy bulletproof vest first, a bulletproof helmet and a bulletproof knee/elbow padding...

    just to make sure that dictators cant shoot bullets at you.
  18. Ha! ... Maybe I should arm myself up with my own aray of weapons?

    Check List

    • Parachute
    • Rations
    • Short Sword
    • AK
    • Magnum
    • Rubber Chicken
    • $10,000
    • $1,000 in Gold Coins
    • Picture of Self in 5th Grade
    • Picture of Pandinius Dictator
    • Exportation and Importation of Exotic Creatures License

    Sound good? Anyone else have any ideas?
  19. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    Well, if you do go, let me know :) I would love to have company.
  20. Ha, well you got it! That maybe in a year or so, but I will be sure to let you know.
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