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The P. Dictator

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Deolok, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    A good plan, but here is better one.

    Land in Nigeria. Leave the capital city as soon as you can. Travel at night to the border of the country you wish to visit. Bribe the border guard. Ask for a guide (its usually his brother). Ask him to take you to a neutral village.

    Bribe the village elder (for silence of your presence).

    Ask the children to take you to where you might find scorpions.

    Leave the same day, as you came.
  2. What do you mean leave the same day? You want to do this all in one day?
  3. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    Your destination country, not everything :)
  4. Ah, how much are the bribes going to cost us?
  5. Michael

    Michael Arachnobaron Old Timer

    I know personally a chef or another high person wo works in Nigeria by shell.
    he told me some stories...:eek:

    Not worth to take a risk!!:eek:
  6. Think of a scorpion worth $200+ ... Now imagine it having babies...Still not worth it?
  7. how much is your life worth? i know its an extreme but it could very easily happen
  8. pandinus

    pandinus Arachnoking Old Timer

    wow, let's hope arietans is the only african reading this thread. lol
  9. Oh hush hush! My life...Hmm... *thinking bubble --> ((($200 scorpion is free... And its babies will be sold at $100 a pop.... Average is 8-12... possibly $1200... With more then one...)))

    How much for a areoplane ticket to Cairo!? Lol

    Well I wish it were possible, but wern't there also sightings of these creatures in Nigeraga (i think thats how its spelled).

    I kinda wanna take a trip to the Amazon and explore down their. This is probably less dangerous in terms of human attack.
  10. Nigerias just as bad?
  11. Are you asking or telling? Its in south america, bit of goverment their. At least it will be easier to get to!
  12. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    Nigeria is bad, but the other countries are worse.

    If ever you decide to go, just remember you are not at home. Keep your wits about you, never go anywhere alone with someone.

    Also, don't eat the meat.
  13. mikeythefireman

    mikeythefireman Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Uh.....Nigeria is in Africa. Not sure what country you're thinking of, but there aren't any in South America that start with the letter "N".;)
  14. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    A good point :)
  15. No not nigeria... Ill try and spell it out...

    Nigeragwa....I think thats right!
  16. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    Oh, okay

    I think its "Nicaragua"
  17. Yea! Sorry for the spelling... Its located in South America isn't it?
  18. Scorp guy

    Scorp guy Arachnoangel Old Timer

    wow, this is truly an amazing subject here.

    Deolok, all i can say is, try hard at something you really want, and i'm sure you'll get it, even if your running away, looking like a james bond scene, with bullets wizzing past your ear, and you, with a bag of dictators, getting into your rinky-dink land rover{D lol....funny thought really.
  19. I deffinently want one...I love my emps sure, but the Pandinius have always amazed me, their size...strength...color... I want one so bad and I think I will do almost anything to retrieve one. (Sadly still in highschool). I go to every petstore to see if they accidently through one in with the emps or Hemps...
  20. Arietans

    Arietans Arachnoknight

    If no one minds, I want to tell you guys what happened with my first trip to the Congo.

    Just some history first.

    When I went to the Congo, three tribes were fighting for control of the country. It got so bad that the UN had to step in. Tribes killing children, bashing babies to death on rocks etc. Its macabre, but the truth. Some tribes are so barbaric they run through the bush naked, and eat the casualties of war.

    In any event, I decided to go. More to the centre of the country, since the UN had control of that area.

    I was probably one hour over the border when the shooting started. Veering off the road, I floored the land rover through the bush, eventually ending up at a small village. The villagers knew that I would need help, since I am white int the middle of the Congo. Some of their men went out to join the fighting, and eventually had my assailants driven off.

    My radiator had been shot, my front right tire and my back seat! I stayed in the village for three days, and then had a guide and two armed men for company to the UN encampment.

    I spent another month there and caught some beautiful snakes.

    The UN helped me across the border again.
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