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The P. Dictator

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Deolok, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. P.jasonius

    P.jasonius Arachnobaron

    I think you should really take a second look at what Dave is trying to do for you here.
    You obviously have some motivation, or you wouldn't keep coming back to this thread. If you don't educate yourself (note my words) all your efforts will equate to a thread that no one reads a few years from now.
    -A degree does not equal an education; what you learn while earning the degree is what constitutes an education.
    -Thinking you know plenty about arachnids is the wrong attitude. Knowing how little you know and wanting to know more is a better way to be.
    -There is a lot of free information out there, and much of what you don't have access to, someone on the boards does. Just ask.
    I hope you don't think I'm attacking you, guy, but you don't get smarter as you age (quite the opposite). The more information you expose yourself to right now, the better off your brain will be. Public school won't give you much to work with, so it's up to you. You have your help and support group (for lack of a better term) right here.
    [edit] End Tangent
  2. I do understand what Dave is saying... And let me see if I can word this correctly... I am NOT going to Africa to capture a RARE species of scorpion, however, I do believe that it is a very interesting specimen. I wanted to post a thread about and get some peoples' opinion on it and find more information about the scorpion. I do believe it would be an interesting expedition to go and venture out into the wilderness to retrieve a specimen and bring it back home.

    When people misread, or misunderstand what I am contributing to this thread they all jump to the conclusion that I am (lack of a better term) an idiot. I also know that I need to learn as much as possible now, rather than later, due to the fact that your brain is much more absorbent at my age. Information should "stick" better.

    I remember posting ideas on that it may be possible to have a camera crew much like Discovery come and do an expedition or episodes on locating the Dictator. Like I said I am interested in the species. I have found information about it, thanks to this forum. Shoot...What else to say?

    Dave, I guess you and I will never see eye to eye, because apparently neither of us can comprehend what the other is trying to say, which is fine by me. I just appreciate what you say on a different level, paticularly I take a lot of the things you have said so far on this forum to heart. And yes I hav felt like a bit of an idiot, being compared to a child after a piece of cheese, and knowing that is NOT at all the metaphor I was hopeing to have. Anyways, I return to this thread today to continue the information spanning the web about the Dictator, though unfortunatley after typing all this, I must leave. Yet another mistake on my part.

    (no guilt intended)
  3. Urizen

    Urizen Arachnosquire

    Jeeez, you guys argue more than acedemics! Just to push a point, Africa isn't that bad! I keep seeing posts on this board, "you can never see that species because it's in AFrica! and the devil and disease reside in Africa!" :evil:

    Granted it is rougher than some parts of the world, but sheesh it aint that bad!
  4. Bayushi

    Bayushi Arachnoprince Old Timer

    i think the majority of the posts about Africa weren't the "disease and devil" type, but more along the lines that the area where P dictator is under political unrest....
  5. Urizen

    Urizen Arachnosquire

    I was probably being melodramatic ;)
  6. Perhaps people don't take a long enough time to realize the good things about Africa. (I know I didn't). Maybe I was just a little hazed by the idea of a P. Dictator or something. I wonder why Dictators are only sighted in that area? I understand the Congo and all...
  7. Bigboy

    Bigboy Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I have not looked into it, because it doesn't tickle my fancy as it does yours. But that is a wonderful question that winds its way into the idea of divergent evolution, nay not the idea of the fact of. If the area it is located in is a sort of geographic island then you have your answer. Also, is there more than just the Rick West photo of this species that people rave about? A picture can be very misleading.
  8. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    Fusion posted one earlier in this thread... which looks nothing like the rick west photo, but I'm no one to judge. Having his personal input rather than just a name to another picture I would tend to belive him unless it was proved otherwise.
  9. Yes the two photos share not to much in common. I am trying to decide/figure out if it is mainly a geographic reason why P. Dictators inhabit that area or if it's a completely different reason, perhaps they are "cotained," there? (stupid idea, more or less)
  10. ftorres

    ftorres Arachnobaron Old Timer

    P dictator

    HEllo ALl,
    Insects international had some dead specines for sale at the last Insect show in Los angeles back in MAy 07.
    They were going for like 40 dollars or so.
    I think Caccoserap (ANdrew) took some pics and posted them on the event section.

    They were huge and really nice,too bad they were dead.

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