The ironic humor of the cosmos


Old Timer
Feb 27, 2005
Twice this morning I was awoken by the sound of a fly buzzing around my bedroom. I like flies, but I don't like that noise when I'm trying to sleep. I got up both times but couldn't see it, so I plopped back down and went to sleep.

About an hour after the second incident, I'm awoken by an entirely new kind of buzzing. Loud, continuous, and coming from a single location. At first, I thought a wasp had gotten trapped in my air conditioner. I get up, turn the lights on, home in on the sound, and find this:

The fly had found its way behind a fly toy on my wall (I am a 23-year old hoarder of strange, cheap toys) where a baby wolf spider had apparently been lurking and landed itself a meal. I'm glad they stayed in place while I got out my digital camera - I just wish I had one with Macro.

Obviously, it wanted to learn fly facts...but the spider was one step ahead!