The Happy Couple


Old Timer
Apr 6, 2007
Here is my breeding project of Beardies: Spike (the larger Female) and Mojave (the stud) Getting together a few weeks ago. Sence then, they have mated (a few times ;P ) and I'll find out if Spike is gravid in a few days :D :D

One quick thought: I know that the cage is small, and that the bedding is not the best choice, but they seemed the most confortable in this cage for some reson, so I let them have a go at it in there.. they are NOT kept together and they each have their own 60gal tank with proper lighting and substrate (tile flooring). And what she has in her mouth (in the video) are some Collard Greens and Squash, she decieded to much on while she's flirting{D ... just thought i'd clear that up first.

Another thing: The male is normally BLOOD RED but with all his hormones going he turned really black from his beard to his tail!!! So hopefully these babbies will turnout with some nice colors :}

And here is a video of the two 'Flirting'... Her doing the Hand-wave, him doing the head-bob.