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The Giant Centipedes of the Genus Scolopendra - Sandefer, Carl

Mister Internet

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Aug 5, 2002

The Giant Centipedes of the Genus Scolopendra is a little book, only 40-some odd pages, but is full of information regarding practical care requirements and fairly detailed biological observations. The book was written more as a single man's account rather than a reference work. There are numerous spelling and grammar errors, the book resembles a large staple-bound pamphlet, and overall it has a very casual feel to it. Enough about that...

The content of this book is concise, with little fluff or color commentary. A run-down of how Mr. Sandefer came into the hobby of collecting centipedes, as well as what is quite possibly the most well-documented centipede bite on record (his own) comprises the book's beginning. A short section on captive care requirements follows, with feeding, caging, and other suggestions. The middle of the book contains all the figurative photos referenced throughout, which includes some absolutely stunning photography. Keep in mind that this book is long out of "first run printing", and Mr. John Hoke at E-Spiderworld.com was given the "proof" copy by Mr. Sandefer himself. He now prints them in runs of 40 or 50 at laser printer quality when supplies dwindle, and the photos in the book are of very good quality... nowhere near magazine quality, although some of the photos leave you breathless despite their shortcomings.

The last part of the book details numerous Scolopendra species and their range, size, and care requirements in a nutshell. Faithful standbys subspinipes, gigantea, and morsitans are represented, along with some 'pedes not often seen or referenced (and evidently obtained a lot more easily 4 years ago) such as S. viridicornis.

People expecting this to be an Audobon Books quality field manual will be disappointed, but please look past the packaging to the "meat". There is a wealth of experience, trial and error, and silly mistakes distilled for the reader's benefit into a concise How-To guide to getting starting in the hobby. You will finish it in 15 or 20 minutes, but will find yourself opening it up again and again to see the pictures and refresh your memory.

Highly recommended, buy it from John Hoke at www.e-spiderworld.com.

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This book can also be purchased from Kelly Swift at www.swiftinverts.com or Paul Becker at www.arachnocenter.com
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Oct 7, 2003
I agree with everything Mr Internet say's a bout this little book.I would just like to add that if you live outside the US,the only person to get it from is Todd Gearheart. I got no reply from either of the dealers mentioned,despite numerous e-mails.Todd hunted me out a copy almost immediately and got it to me in the UK within 4 days.