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The Container Thread

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Venari, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. psykoink

    psykoink Arachnopeon

    Funny you say that. The only one who likes to hide is the versicolor. In the previous cubes they all had plants in them and every one of the Pokies stayed away from them. My adults even webbed them almost solid to the ground. When I put the cork background in instead they all began to feed regularly and almost instantly. Some of the slings were very picky eaters with the plants in there. Since the bark, no problems at all. Maybe its coincidence, lol. Maybe the bark gives them the security of thinking they are actually on the tree. No privacy with 4 clear sides but the bark darkens it and gives them something to climb up. I am gonna try the plants again though, when they move into the next size enclosure.
  2. Titandan

    Titandan Arachnopeon

    Hey guys,

    One of you had the containers from Michaels. What's the container called? And which section of the store has it? I was looking for it today but couldn't find them...
  3. possumburg

    possumburg Arachnosquire

    I couldn't find any at Michaels here.

    I did find a place online selling clear plastic jars that are 4 1/4" diameter x 11 1/4" tall. 16 of them for $31 shipped. Is that a good deal and would they be big enough for adult Avics or irminia? Seems like they would be but I wanted to check with you guys. Thanks.
    Heres the pic [​IMG]
  4. MOBugGuy

    MOBugGuy Arachnoknight

    Post the link.
  5. Stopdroproll

    Stopdroproll Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Snagged 2 of these for $2.19 each from Kmart. Called Omnibox 6.5Q/6L. It's very thin and it was easy to drill through. Perfect for what I was looking for: super clear sides and top. Has 2 "clips" on both ends, it should be secure.

    6" 12" x 4.5" (W x L x H)

  6. BQC123

    BQC123 Arachnobaron

    My wife brought this home from a baby shower when I was expecting my A. versicolor sling. The versi will crawl into the nipple allowing easy cleaning and misting. Just set the top, with spider, on a flat surface and it isn't going anywhere.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  7. Venari

    Venari Arachnobaron

    Very nice. Wish I thought of these!
  8. smkrus

    smkrus Arachnopeon

    The cubes can be found at Hobby Lobby as well. I love them. Don't use vents, just drill about 15 holes.
  9. BQC123

    BQC123 Arachnobaron

    Sorry about the size. I resized the photo, but must have posted the wrong one.
  10. Titandan

    Titandan Arachnopeon

    Thanks guys!

    I ended up going to "The Container Store" and they had the boxy clear plastic container that I was looking for. Wish they had it in a slightly bigger size but it's pretty good.

    They also have a clear shoe box that I'm thinking would work perfectly for larger T's. If I can just get it to be a secure fit, I'll get the shoe containers at about $10 a piece.

    We'll see. I love the fact that we're sharing ideas!

  11. had a plastic baseball card container that's great for terrestrial slings.
    not sure what they cost, I got it a long time ago.


    these are from CD/DVD containers. They haven't been converted yet, but again these would be good for terrestrial species. The downside to these are you have to buy the discs. it's more of an idea for people who use burnable discs to reuse the container instead of throwing it away. they are stack able which is a nice space saver.

    there are two different ones here Maxell and Verbatim. I like the maxells because the center stem is removable. verbatim is molded so you must cut it off. but verbatim has a nice twist and lock feature which i find more secure.
  12. Venari

    Venari Arachnobaron

    Found these at Walmart. Dog lovers may enjoy!

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  13. Wink

    Wink Arachnopeon

    i get these from kmart.com as well, and they are now only $1.50 :D

    dimensions from the website--4.7 in H x 13.5 in W x 8.3 in L

    LINK- http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_011W848126110001P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1
  14. gmrpnk21

    gmrpnk21 Arachnobaron

    Get these from work for FREE :)
  15. Got these at Walmart. Feels like glass but it's not. My husband drilled holes in them with no problem. Don't have a pic of one before it's in use but I will get one later.

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  16. I neded some of those.
  17. Tazman

    Tazman Arachnopeon

    Here's a few of mine........





    HERB POTS......

  18. gmrpnk21

    gmrpnk21 Arachnobaron

    What are they called?
  19. Faithie

    Faithie Arachnopeon

    I am only just getting into keeping all these little critters as pets, and so far only have 1 scorpion at the moment. But do plan on going out and seeing if I can find a Centruoides vittatus and maybe a Widow if I can manage to find one. But back on subject.

    Well I do not have pictures at this time, because the camera was dead and is charging at the moment. So I will just give measurements and where I got it from.

    Height: 3.5"
    Diameter: 5"
    Purchased: So the container had once carried a Beta Fish that my Mother had purchased from Petco for my younger Sister. After I had helped out with setting up the fishes tank I thought that maybe I could use this for when I go out collecting scorpions/spiders. Which led me to looking for this thread after going through it all yesterday.

    Plan to get pictures up once the camera is charged.

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