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The Addiction Corner

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by Entrepulchranhandur, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Here it is. The Addiction Corner. You know what it's about. For when that unrelenting Need to turn the internet upon all your favorite online dealers, select all the spiders you want and need in your collection (the ones you can find, anyway).. and buy them. All. You buy ALL the spiders. Not just one, or two, or three.. or four or five.. You just keep going until you know you should stop (or simply can't find anymore you want). Yeah, so every time that happens, come to this corner and admit your guilt for all of us to both celebrate with you and send get-well-soon cards to your wallet.

    Hi, I'm Tyler, and I did it again.
    Good thing I'm mostly prepared. I need to go get lots more eco earth, though. Which I'm actually gonna go do right now. ha! I replaced some spiders and added many new pairs, in addition to three scorpions (Pandinus dictator). More details later! Gotta go
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