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That Pet Place/That Fish Place (Lancaster, PA)


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Aug 15, 2002

Tamara and I stopped by this store as part of our three week road trip through the States. I had heard it refered to a couple times in the forums and was told it was quite impressive. Indeed it was, at least in terms of their aquarium section. As for their reptile/invert section, I was disapointed.

- They had an A.bicoloratum labled as a "Brachypelta" (sic)
- They had a pokie labled P.regalis that was definitely not (not sure what it was, though -- NOT a regalis, though)
- They kept their emps dry ... I wondered if they were shaken or stirred

I stopped examining things at that point and went to point this out to the nearest employee and got to overhear him telling some guy that a Black Mexican Kingsnake grew "on average, 6-9 feet." At that point I went to customer service, left a note for the manager and Tamara and I left, but not before I noticed a large iguana in a bird cage with no lighting/heating/food/water/anything.



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Dec 29, 2007
That Fish Place/Pet Place --Lancaster, PA


I think the management of the store has changed because I didn't see any of the above problems. My only complaint is their limited selection on tarantulas and scorpions. However, with that said--this store is unbelievable--it's like a warehouse! I was impressed with their care on their fish and assorted animals. And the prices are reasonably low compared to where I live in the DC area--the prices were so low, I'd be willing to drive up more often (a 2 hour drive one way). They also have any size feeder crickets in large quantities, and other feeder critters too. They also have a wonderful selection on tanks for both reptiles and fish.

The staff seemed knowledge as well.

If nothing else, this is the place to go for a day's outing, and it seems like the people do, lol--yes they even have a pool and feeding of the stingrays every day! Honestly, I don't see how you could go into this place and not buy something if you have and love animals.


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May 20, 2008
i love this store. The reptile Manager Summer is very knowledgable on T's and will get in anything you want. I have bought T's from her personal collection. She is great. The last time I went in there they had a GBB, a straight horned, A.metallica, A.avic, a MM singapore blue, B.emilia, and a few others. It was definatly a possitive experience. i will be going back very soon. And the prices of supplies and such are cheap and they do mail ordering check it out. www.thatpetplace.com

scar is my t

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Mar 2, 2008
get me the adress and might go there later and tell them what they should do


Jan 24, 2009
This store is worth a trip its an experience,, it is much like a wharehouse for pet supplies.. T's are hit or miss. Fish usually excellent.. and there water quality and care has gotten much better since days of old,

I'd give it a 8


Jan 28, 2009

Ts are super expensive there, and I have a story...

I live 2 hrs away from there. One weekend I went up because I was in that area. They had a .5 inch B. smithi not for sale. so I figured I'd call about it the next weekend 'cause stuff is usually for sale a week later. I asked specifically about the small .5 inch red knee and they check and tell me it's there. And I say that I'm going to come get it. And they say ok. Keep in mind, to check and tell me it was there they had to read the species sign that still said NOT FOR SALE.

So I get there and say I was the one who called about it, can they get it all ready for me and they tell me its not for sale. And I said, "Well, it's been here 8 days now. I was in here last saturday and it was here." then they proceed to tell me I was WRONG, when I saw the exact same tarantula in the exact same setup. And there's NO way I came in on a weekday because I'm a senior in highschool without a car, my boyfriend drives me around. Then they tell me it'll be FS on wednesday maybe, and asked if I wanted to put 20% down on it, asked how much it was so I could put the money down on it...

$60! So I just left.

Also they keep most of their Ts on bark and since they're so high and mighty as far as if the customer saw something or not, I doubt they'll listen to anyone's advice on housing. Just a heads up.