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May 25, 2010
I got a mass email today while I was at school about someone finding what they believed was someones pet T. It was only described as a black T and was found in the daylight near a very public place. This to me didn't sound like a typical T or what a captive T would do so i made a slight inquiry about it's coloration and if there were signs of tibial hooks.
I can say that in a coordinated effort, one of the local aphonopelma species was given an opportunity to complete it's mission. The person replied back stating what i thought might have been was correct and the neighborhood T is now back in the hills, hopefully providing more for us. I did thank them for not putting an end to it's life and it is all because of this group here and the massive amount of research i've been able to do because of everyone's efforts to inform the masses.


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Jan 15, 2005
Nice to hear your story ended well.

A few weeks ago my sister and her friends were at the lake and a large male A. hentzi came into their campsite. They smashed it...........:mad:

It seems there's never an end to the ignorance that people openly display when it comes to tarantulas. I got really upset in this instance because SHE KNEW I kept tarantulas and I was only 20 minutes away from where she was. Her and her friends were so afraid of it that she didn't even think to call. I wouldn't have kept him, but I know some places I could have taken him that would have given him a great chance at successfully mating. :(

Re: AB

Arachnoboards is awesome. It contains an enormous wealth of knowledge for people to browse through. I really appreciate all that it is and hope it stays for many years to come.